Spin Bike versus Exercise Bike

Spin bike versus exercise bike, which is one is good? Did you know that there is a difference between spin bikes and exercise bikes? If not, you are in for a big shock. Bikes have

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turned out to be a good way to exercise indoors or lose weight. I’m sure you have once been confused when shopping for a bike.

Well, there are two varying kinds of bikes, a spin bike, and an exercise bike. While it can be confusing to decide between the two, it is important to first define your work out objective before you go shopping.

Before I write about spin bike versus exercise bike, let me help you understand the different uses of these two bikes. This might perhaps help you see the difference between the two.

Here is a summary of what to do and not to do with these bikes. Have a look.

Spin bike versus exercise bike

Spin Bike

Exercise Bike

Does it simulate the outdoor terrain?


Having difficulty walking?
Has training programs?
Suitable for injury recovery?
Not suitable
Easy to set up?
Digital console?

Uses of exercise bikes

Exercise bikes have different uses and they come in different types. This includes stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, and indoor cycles. I covered the different exercise bike types here. So, what is the use of exercise bikes? Exercise bikes are sometimes called stationary bikes. Most of the time people use them for fitness and general health programs purposes. Sometimes people use them without any fitness goal in mind but to just enhance their muscle strength, lose weight and at times for cardiovascular fitness purposes. Before you buy any exercise equipment, ask yourself the reason why you want to get one.

Exercise bikes are also regarded as traditional bikes. These days, the traditional bikes are computerized and most of the health clubs have them for their audience. Therefore, even if you don’t have one at your home, you can still use one at your nearest health club. But technology has made these bikes affordable. Even when shopping on a budget, you can still find an exercise bike under 500.

These bikes are similar moving bicycles minus tires. The seat, handlebars, and pedals are fixed to the firm base that prevents the bike from moving as you pedal. While most people think that bicycles are not the safe, that’s not the case. Safety is a key factor in the design of exercise bikes. When compared to the regular bicycle, an exercise bike comes with completely different features. For example, an exercise bike features a wide adjustable seat. Also, an exercise bike can stand upright or recline based on the bike type that you have.

Exercise bikes offer different benefits to users. For example, when you use an upright exercise bike you put more focus on pedalling and the leg power than your other body parts. This makes using an upright exercise bike suitable for individuals with back pain. Most conventional workout bikes have digital meters that you can use to track your heart rate, speed, and calories burned. If you enjoy working out indoors, an exercise bike with these programs is a good option for you as it helps you to enhance your workout routine.

Best Exercise Bike to choose

Having mentioned what an exercise bike can do and the benefits you stand to gain using it, here are some of the best exercise bikes that you should try. 

Schwinn Upright Bike Series

If you are looking to get an exercise bike to use, consider this Schwinn Upright bike. The bike comes with a goal capability feature that enables you to set your specific workout goals. There is a DualTrack LCD display that provides you with enhanced visibility to the 22 exercise programs as well as goal tracking.

This exercise bike also offers you with 20 resistance levels so you have a wide variety of workout intensity choices. The high pace and high inertia drive mechanism ensure that bike is easy to start and that you can enjoy a quiet workout. Additionally, the seat is padded and contoured to ensure you have a comfortable workout.

What is a spin bike?

I know you are waiting to see the differences between spin bikes and exercise bikes. But first, I want you to learn more about spin bikes so that you can easily understand the differences. Spin bikes are also stationary machines that enable you to have a cardiovascular workout through cycling indoors. While an exercise bike and a spin bike can all give you the benefits of cycling, there is a difference. A spin bike offers you an experience that is similar to that riding on different outdoor terrains.

As I mentioned earlier, most exercise bike feature digital display. This is different in some of the spin bikes. Although there are some spin bikes that feature digital displays, many of them do not have such fancy features. Spin bikes are great bikes. But they are different from exercise bikes. Their appearance is quite different from that of exercise bikes. 

This is perhaps what causes the discussion of what is the difference between a spin bike and exercise bike?. They are not like bikes that offer you handlebars to hold on as you seat straight. They are designed in a way that gives you an experience similar to that of a sport cyclist.

Therefore, when using a spin bike, your air resistance is reduced and this causes you to utilize less energy as you pedal. If you are a regular cyclist and want to go to the gym for your training, consider a gym with a spin bike. This is because you will get the outdoor terrain experience while you enjoy your training.

Best Spinning Bike to Try

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

This is one of the best spinning bike I would recommend to anyone looking to buy one. The bike is Bluetooth enabled so you can connect to this bike’s  Keiser M Series app and train with real-time charts. 

The elegant design makes this spinning bike among the best bikes. Read the complete review of Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle here.

What is the major difference between a spin bike and an exercise bike?

Before I get into the spin bikes versus exercise bikes box, I want to share the key difference that you can easily spot without using an exercise bike buying guide.

The key difference that sets these two kinds of bikes apart is the way the flywheel mechanism works. For a spin bike, the flywheel is normally heavier and attached straight to the levers (pedals) with a chain.

This means, as a rider, you will have to use more effort to have the bike moving. However, inactivity maintains the pedals spinning. This happens even when you are not pedaling and this permits for a similar kind of resistance of variable resistance control you can find in outdoor bicycles. This might lead to a quick and higher pedaling rhythm as well as a good workout.

Spin Bike

Exercise Bike

  • There is no digital console for you to track your progress
  • It is easy to use and set up
  • It stimulates the feeling of an outdoor bike
  • High risk of injuries due to the standing mode of workout
  • Spin bikes have a heavier than exercise bikes as we mentioned earlier
  • You will burn more calories on a spin bike as compared to other bikes
  • Unlike a spin bike, it has a digital console so you easily track your workout progress
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Most workouts are done sitting and thus there is reduced risk of injuries
  • You can use it for normal cycling.
  • With an exercise bike, you can focus on hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quads.
  • You can burn an average amount of calories exercising on this bike
  • You can steadily increase resistance or speed. This can me pedaling hard which will in return cause you to use more energy and the faster beating of your heart. In the end, you will burn more calories


An exercise bike or a spin bike? Which one should you choose? Having mentioned all the differences above, the bike that you choose depends on your objective.