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  • A bit small

Want an exercise bike but you are shopping on a budget? Wondering if you can the best exercise bike under 500 dollars? Well, I got your back. $500 is enough to bike you a good workout bike for your exercise needs.

Whether you are exercising due to medical conditions or for fun, you need the best workout bike. Most people tend to think that the best bicycle is the one that cost over $500. But that is not true.

However, there are some things about them. While you can find the best exercise bike under 500 from your nearest store, it might have a shorter warranty than those that sold over or above $500. Regardless of that, a bike below $500 can outlive an elliptical or treadmill machine that goes for the same price range. Getting on a good workout bike is the best way to get benefits of aerobic exercise without moving from your home.

The best thing about these type of bikes is that they are easy on the joints and have less effect compared to other kinds of cardio exercises like running. Without saying much, let me guide you on how to pick the best exercise bike under 500.

How to Pick the Best Exercise Bike Under 500

Most people start trembling when they hear about shopping. Yes, it can be one big issue when you are not organized. By this I mean you should know what you want in a bike for exercise. Check out these factors to consider when shopping for one.


This is should be the first thing on your mind when you are going shopping. A good bike should be comfortable to work out on for long hours. The handlebars should be comfortable to hold meaning they should be cushioned. The seat needs to be soft so you feel comfortable while seating. The next thing that completes your comfort factor is the height. It should be flexible so you can adjust to meet your height needs. If the bike you are looking at right now has all these features, that bike is the one for yourself.

Transport and stability

You don’t want a bike that you cannot move from one room in your house to another. The reason why exercise equipment like spin bikes are heavy is because of their steel construction and flywheel. Before you make a purchase, ensure the bike has two transport wheels because, without them, you are going to have a hard time moving this exercise equipment to another locale.

The flywheels that come with this kind of bikes help to offer your equipment levelness and firmness as you cycle. The best thing is that you can still find a quiet and smooth bike under $500 that you can use in your home.


A bike for exercise offers different types of resistance e.g direct contact resistance and flywheel-based systems resistance. In the event that your bicycle does not have adequate resistance, you are likely to miss hitting your fitness objectives. That is why it is crucial to examine the resistance levels of the bicycle you intend to purchase. This will help you determine if the resistance mechanism is fit for your fitness needs. As you continue reading this post and throughout the website, you will find out some of the best bicycles for exercise that have great resistance levels and cost under $500.


Just because the work out bike costs less than $500, it doesn’t mean you will overlook other things. It could be lowly priced but yet quality. So, choose an exercise bike with a weight that you can move around especially when doing the cleaning. Remember safety comes first.


This might be my last point on the things to consider when purchasing a bike under 500 but that doesn’t make this point lesser or weak. A bike with an LCD display will offer you real-time data such as the calories you have burnt, speed, distance covered and the time. There are those that come with a heart rate monitor.

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