Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Choosing an exercise bike

Did you know checking the exercise bike buying guide before heading to the market is important? Well, for you to enjoy your exercise and get the most out of it, you need to have good equipment.

I want to ensure you benefit from your exercise by offering this exercise bike guide. In this post, you will learn the basics of a good bike for exercising. While the bikes might work in a similar manner, there are some differences in the way they are configured. That is why you will notice that there are exercise bikes of the following types:

Types of exercise bikes

For now, allow me to give you  a sneak peek of three types of bikes:

  • Upright bike: This is a conventional workout cycle that has a traditional cycling position. The best thing about this bike is that it is more firm as compared to the recumbent bicycle.
  • Spinning bike: This bicycle is suitable for high-intensity exercises. The bike is not as comfortable as the recumbent and upright bicycles. Actually, it is the perfect training bike for fitness fans.
  • Recumbent bike: This the bike if you want to sit in a reclined position. The seat for this cycle is well padded making it comfortable. The is also wide enough. This bike is suitable for individuals who experience back pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, or are recuperating from an ailment. But this bike is different from the others since it needs you to use more energy to pedal.

Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide 1 Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide
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In case you have enough resources and energy, it may be a good idea to try out each bike. Do this before making a purchase. Different exercise bike types have different disadvantages and advantages as well as comfort levels. You will only know this by testing your preferred bike. Reading the testimonials and exercise bike buying guide from different writers will also help you identify the best workout bike. Before I go far, let’s see some of the things to consider when buying an exercise bike.

Exercise bike buying guide
Exercise bike buying guide

Exercise Bike Buying Guide: Things to consider

If you haven’t identified the bicycle that you need, you have not started shopping. Even with the type of bike you need in mind, there are some factors that you should consider. The factors will help you choose any kind of bicycle that you want. Check them out.


Before you hit that buy now button, ask yourself, is the buying I want to buy safe? When shopping for a workout bike, always remember that your safety is important. Even if you are not going to ride on the road, the bicycle has several parts. Most of the parts move as you exercise. Therefore, they are likely to cause injuries in the event of a malfunction. That is you should always ensure your bike comes with the required security precautions so you can reduce the possibility of injuries. Your safety and that of your family members is a key factor.

Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide 2 Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide



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Your comfort will determine how long your exercise. If the seat of the bike is not comfortable and causes pain, your workout will be short. Buying a workout cycle that has comfortable seat will help you enjoy your workout. The comfort will also depend on how you want to exercise. What type of exercise bicycle will meet your fitness needs? Is the upright or recumbent one? If you have back pain, would probably want to have a recumbent exercise bike. It will make you more comfortable than the upright one.


Ensure you measure the area you plan to put your workout bicycle. All you want is for your bike to fit the space. You don’t want to be disappointed after purchasing the bicycle. To be safe, include not less than two two three feet to the width so you can have some space for the elbow and leg.


Manual resistance is easy to adjust when the bike is not in use. Most of the bikes that lowly priced, have this kind of resistance. If this is not what you want, go for a bike with electronic resistance. But you may find bikes with manual resistance convenient especially when adjusting while the program is underway.


Let us be realistic here, do you want a bike that cannot support your weight? I bet your answer is no. All you want is a sturdy bike. But keep in mind, when a sturdier bicycle means it is heavy and more stable. Some bikes have a weight of between 100 and 200 pounds. While this might be good, it is not easy to transport them. That is why you should consider asking the store to transport it to your location and also do the setup. Ensure your heavy bike has the wheels so it can be easy to move it.

Note: The weight of the bicycle should be within the accepted standard, anything beyond that will put your life at risk. 

Heart rate monitor

Even as you exercise, you still want to measure the intensity of the exercise and monitor the level of your performance. Some exercise bike types like the upright stationary and recumbent bikes come with this innovative feature. However, it is worth mentioning that some of them are not to be relied on as they may fail to read correctly because of the sweat and other factors. However, this does not affect all of them.


Having a display does not mean it will be user-friendly. That is why you need to ensure the bike’s programming screen is user-friendly. Avoid getting frustrated after purchasing the bike by testing it out while at the store. The programming display should be easy to use. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing an exercise bike and not knowing how to use it correctly. You may also want to check these out when you test drive at stores.


While this is coming last on my exercise bike buying guide, it is a critical factor. It does not make sense to plan about a bike that you cannot purchase. The best exercise bike does not mean it has to be expensive. It means the bike needs to be within your budget and meet all your workout needs.

Bottom Line on Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide

After going through this exercise bike buying guide, I’m sure you now know what type of bike fits you. You can still own an exercise bike without breaking a bank. Also, it;s important to know why you need that bike. Is it to loose weight or just for fan? If you are looking to lose weight and wondering how many calories does an exercise bike burn, check out this article here.

Exercise bike benefits

When you have an exercise bike at your house or home, this only means you can exercise any time you want. It could be as you watch your favorite show or listening to some music. Today I want to share this benefits you could get by just having an exercise bike.

Monitor your progress

In this modern world, everything is modernized and so are the bikes for exercising. Most of them allow you to connect to your devices through the Bluetooth. As a result, you are able to monitor the progress of your exercise without having to stop. The best thing about these exercise bikes is that some of them keep data of more than one individual in their console. This allows you to see how others are progressing so you can challenge them.

Low-impact sport

Cycling is known to be an effect aerobic exercise. However, this bike exercising does not strain the joints of your ankle, knee, and hips. Therefore, there will be no impact on the joints while cycling. You will only experience a smooth pedaling motion that raises the heart speed and torches calories. If you have sore knees as a result of running, exercise bikes are your best option.

Apart from that, exercise bikes help to lessen the pressure on the lower back. As a result, you get to have fun exercising.

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