Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

This is an upright bike but also foldable and it is an exceptional option for cardio exercise. That is why we saw it wise to spend a few minutes to write this Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Review.

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Features at a glance

  • Adjustable resistance
  • Counterbalanced pedals
  • Padded seat
  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable design
  • Rubberized foot base
  • Sturdy construction
  • LCD panel
Best foldable exercise bike
Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Review

Features explained

Adjustable resistance

If you are looking to have different levels of exercise, this is one of the folding exercise bikes you should buy. The manufacturer of this Marcy upright bike included a manually adjustable resistance to ensure you have different levels of exercise. There are eight preset degrees of magnetic friction button that will allow you to set to mimic different kinds of exercises based on the endurance. It makes you feel as if you are riding a road bike. Sounds good, right?

Counterbalanced pedals

This folding exercise bike comes with counterbalanced pedals that have flexible foot straps. They are suitable in ensuring that your exercises are comfortable and secure. This bike guarantees you workouts without injuries.

Padded seat

The exercise bike also features a modifiable foam filled seat that helps to offer you stress-free cycling. The seats are comfortable to use for extended periods so you can enjoy your workouts. With this upright exercise bike, you can be sure to burn fat and also make the muscles of your legs strong.

LCD Panel

Apart from that, this workout bike from Marcy features an LCD panel that is easy to read. It displays various variables associated with your exercise from distance, speed, calories torched to time. You can use the interface you plan your exercise and track your progress. You can plan per flash pedaling or distance training. This way you will know if you are achieving the desired results or not.

Rubberized foot

Designing a room takes time and money and we wouldn’t want you to destroy it in an instant. The manufacturer of this folding exercise bike added rubber foot bases. They help to avoid scratching of your floors when you push the bicycle across your room. This means regardless of the floor, you can drag your bicycle to any room and use it. This also makes movement easy.

Strong construction

One thing that you will love about this bike is that it has a strong construction and lasting gloss finish that is able to endure your every workout routines.

Foldable design

I’m sure you are looking to buy this bicycle because maybe you have limited space in your apartment. Well, this bike has you covered. It has a design that enables it to fold compactly. The advanced frame of the bike makes storing and moving the bike easy. Due to the folding design, you get to save more space.

Adjustable height

Have you been looking for a bike that matches your height without success? This might be your bike because the height is adjustable and thus making it suitable for all users of different sizes.



• It is comfortable to exercise on for extended hours
• The bike is suitable for all user heights
• The LCD panel is easy to read
• It allows you to monitor and plan your workout
• The bike is durable
• This bike is easy to move around
• It does not scratch the surface thanks to the rubberized foot base
• It occupies less space since it is foldable
• Strengthens your muscles
• The bike is moveable
• Easy to assemble

• Although I couldn’t find so much bad on this bike, I found out that the seat is a bit uncomfortable

What others say about Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

While conducting research to share more on our Marcy foldable exercise bike review, we find out that many people were happy with this bike. However, some expressed their dissatisfaction on the seat height as it felt uncomfortable. But to some, the height was fine. But it is one of the top exercise bikes for people who want to make their muscles strong.


We complete our Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike review with a word that it is one of the best and affordable workout bikes you can buy. It is not only movable but your floors will remain the same regardless of how hard you drag the bike across.  Therefore, this is one of the best foldable exercise bike we would recommend to anyone.

Cardio exercises for bad knees

Do bad knees interfere with your exercise life? When you have hurting ankles and achy joints it can be hard to stick to your everyday cardio workout schedule. If you have a knee injury, it should not be a hindrance to your exercise routine. In this post, we are about to share some of the cardio exercises for bad knees. With these kinds of exercises, you can comfortably exercise without straining your knees. Have a look!

Step ups

If you are looking have to have a low-impact cardio exercise and have a bad knee, use an aerobic step bench. Use your right foot to step up onto the step. Hit the left foot on the top of the step, and then lower. While stepping up, the knee needs to be right over the ankle. Do the exercise again using your left foot. You burn a good amount of calories if you repeat this several times.


This is another great option of cardio exercises for bad knees. The reason is that water helps to keep the body buoyant freeing the entire body of the impact. As a result, you experience an exceptional exercise and strengthen the knee supporting muscles. If you are are not a swimmer and want to try it, you should know some of the good moves. They include backstroke and freestyle. However, you are not limited to these two, you can experiment with other moves as well.


I was not going to forget this and you all know the reason. Most people always think that you can only ride a bike outdoors. But the truth is that there are bikes that you can ride indoors. For example, you can buy an exercise bike for bad knees to exercise indoors. Such bikes include:

  • Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike
  • Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Bike
  • Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike
  • Schwinn 230 recumbent bike

Regardless of where you ride on your bike, you will certainly get a
remarkable fat-burning exercise that will steadily improve the strength and flexibility of your knee. The best thing about biking is that its does not strain the knees or your ankles.

If you are riding outdoors, ensure you keep away from hills. Instead, ride on flat ground and raise the level of your seat a bit. This will help to avoid putting pressure on the knees. If you are thinking about attending spin lessons, ensure you inform the instructor that you have a knee injury.

Some doctors even recommend occasional cycling to help maintain your joint’s flexibility. It also helps to lessen pain in your knees. You may use a stationary bike if you have some strength.


This is another of the most preferred cardio exercises for bad knees. It is nearly similar to running. This kind of exercise requires you to utilize all your arms and legs while doing it for power. With elliptical workout, the legs do not leave the pedal. This only means that the chances of you injuring your hips, neck, knees, or back are less.

Someone may ask, what if I have a burning knee? An elliptical machine does not strain the knee or ankle joints. Therefore, you can have a safe workout. While someone may choose a treadmill over an elliptical machine, an elliptical machine comes in handy when it comes to cardio exercises and offering support.

Can you use an exercise bike when pregnant?

Being pregnant is the most crucial period of any woman. Carrying another human inside you and feeling him grow is something that is exciting. But this does not mean pregnant women will be exempted from all kinds of activities. Most women often ask; can you use an exercise bike when pregnant?

You don’t have to skip all your activities because you are carrying another human but rather enjoy it to the fullest. However, it is important that you seek the opinion of your doctor before using an exercise bike.

If you are pregnant and a fan of exercise bikes, we have good news for you. Also, if you are looking to have low-impact but effective cardio workout, consider indoor cycling. This is because it is regarded as safe for a majority of women.

If you experience discomfort when doing weight-bearing workouts, exercise bikes are a good option for you. This is according to Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Consulting’s Catherine Cram, M.S. an exercise physiologist.

Cycling on an exercise bike is different from that of a road bike. This is because when on the road you are exposed to many risks as compared to indoors. That is why a stationary bike is among the most recommended bike for exercising for pregnant women.


Can you use an exercise bike when pregnant? Which bike is good?

The American Pregnancy Association states that a stationary bike is great for exercising when pregnant. The APA says that this type of bike supports your weight and therefore reducing the possibility of falling off the bike. This also means that not every part of the body will feel the stress caused by the workout.  Another bike that is also great for exercising it is the recumbent bike.  The bike you use for exercising is the one that meets your pregnancy needs.

When picking a stationary bicycle for exercising when pregnant, consider buying a bike with a seat that is comfortable. It will help you to get all the benefits of the exercise. If you have back issues, you should use a recumbent cycle. Consider getting a recumbent bicycle that has added back. The bike should also have pedal in its rear as this will be easier for you. It will help avoid making your your back pain worse.

Another thing that you should not forget when purchasing bike to use when pregnant, is the heart rate monitor. Get a bicycle that has a heart rate monitor as it will help you Also, look for the one with a heart rate monitor as it can assist you to measure the pulse while you are cycling. You may as well use yours, if you have one, during exercise.

Is it safe to use an exercise bike when pregnant?

This is another question that most people as whenever they want to use a bike and they are pregnant. The answer to this question is yes. Exercise bicycles are safe to use by pregnant women. Having an everyday workout session on your stationary bicycle will not expose the inborn to any risks. However, you need to follow your doctor’s guidelines. 

Expert tips for a safe bike workout when pregnant

Can you use an exercise bike when pregnant? Up to this point, I believe you know that answer to our question. Well, yes you can! But before you even get on that bike, here are some expert tips that will help you have a safe ride when pregnant. If you follow them well you will never ask this question again; can you use an exercise bike when pregnant? Continue reading!

Talk to your doctor

If you love bikes, it is not going to be easy  staying away from your bike. In case you want to continue exercising on your bike, getting the opinion of your doctor. Informing the doctor about your love for workout on exercise bikes and how you wish to continue with it through your pregnancy is very crucial.  It will help your doctor to examine you and advice accordingly.

If you have any medical condition that might not go well with this type of exercise, your doctor will let you know. In case the doctor says you can use your workout bike during this period, you don’t have to worry because it is just nine months.

Get an instructor

The worst thing you can do when pregnant, is to exercise alone without an instructor. After you have gotten the recommendation from a doctor, it is time to get an instructor who will guide you through. A good option is to attend indoor cycling classes with the help of an instructor. This is the right person to assist you feel ease and relaxed on your bike so you can test it alone. Ensure your instructor is aware about your condition so that he can monitor you closely. This will help him to avoid pushing you to the level of overexertion.

As stated by Catherine Cram, M.S., exercise physiologist, and owner of Prenatal and Postpartum, an expectant woman should  avoid pushing extremely hard gears. Cram continues to state that cranking extremely hard equipment is very heavy on your joints.

Pay attention to body signals

Whether you are pregnant or not, it is important that you pay attention to the body signals. If you feel dizzy, winded or feel unwell while cycling, consider taking a break. You may as well slow down to see if you will feel okay. In case you realize that having a session of forty five minutes of one hour is a lot for you,  you are free to end the session. All you need is to tell your instructor that you are fine.

When it comes to pregnancy, the energy tends to have ups and downs, together with different warning signs, it is good to listen to the body and look after it as needed.

Stay hydrated and cool

Overheating is a high risk for your fetus especially in the initial trimester. This is because it may trigger dehydration all through your pregnancy which may result in pre-timely labor. I’m sure you do not want this, right? That is why you need drink more water so you can be hydrated and avoid overheating. If possible drink above your usual amount. Make sure your bike has an inbuilt water bottle holder so you will have your water nearby and drink whenever you need to.

Another thing you should do is to put on breathable and comfortable clothing as it will help you to stay cool while exercising. Ensure you put on a supportive bra so it can help to shield  the swollen breasts.

Get maternity clothes for cycling

In your condition, not all cloths will fit you. Others will make you uncomfortable and this is not good for the baby. This makes other expectant moms to ask, can you use an exercise bike when pregnant? Our answer is yes! If you where the right outfit and take the factors we have mentioned here into consideration, you will have no issues.

Consider purchasing maternity garments that will assist you to when pregnant. Many brands make riding clothes for expectant moms. The clothes include shorts, jerseys, bibs, and many more. You will be comfortable exercising on your bike in this clothes than your usual ones.

Adjust the bike set-up

This is the reason we said that it is crucial you buy a bike that you can adjust the settings to meet your needs. One of the common mistakes you can make as a pregnant woman when exercising with your bike is failing to adjust it. Before you start using that bike, you should learn the basics and how to adjust the position of the seat to match your body needs.

Your weight is on the pelvis and this means you should not sit too far forward as it would be uncomfortable. Ensure that your weight is distributed evenly between the body and hands. Avoid getting tipped uncomfortably backward or frontward while cycling.

Best exercise bike for tall person

If you are a tall, you can agree with me that finding a bike that fits your height feel like a nightmare. Models are designed differently and that is why it becomes hard to find an exercise bike for people who are tall. So, there are things you should look for in an exercise bike for tall person. We did some research and here is what we found.

Dont’ have time to read? Click the link below to see them.

Tips for choosing an exercise bike for tall person

If you are tall a need a bike that will meet your exercise needs, consider the following:


The bike you are going  to buy for yourself need to be adjustable so it match your height. Some of the things that should be adjustable on the bike include saddle, handlebars, and pedals. Without such adjustments, you will find it hard to into bike considering your height.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

Our top bike on this list for tall people is keiser m3 plus from Keiser. It is one of the best you can get if you are tall. It has an adjustable seat that enables it to match your height. The 4. way handlebars of this bike gives you more holding options making it ideal for tall persons. Read our complete review here.

Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS

If you didn’t like Keiser’s indoor bike, you might like this one from Exerpeutic.  This is a foldable exercise bike that has awesome features. If you want one that has pulse sensors, wheels, and durable construction, this is the bike you should consider purchasing. This workout bike has a large seat pad and it is easy to assemble. Read the review here.

Sunny Health & Fitness B901

Another great bike I want to mention is sunny sf b901. The bikes comes with features that will give you an outstanding experience like never before. This bike features a sturdy construction to ensure it gives you value for the money. With this bike you are assured of a quiet exercising moment. Check the review.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Are you looking to workout smart? This is the bike for you. It comes equipped with 25 resistance levels to ensure you have  a variety of exercise intensity options. There is a rear seat adjustment that ensures you can exercise comfortably regardless of your height. Apart from that you will benefit from the adjustable fan that will keep you cool throughout. The USB charging port ensures that you can continue using your gadgets all through. You can still listen to music while riding to reduce boredom thanks to the MP3 input port.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike
Best Schwinn Recumbent Bike

See price here

Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle

If recumbent bikes aren’t all you want for exercising, try this revolution cycle. It features a two way flexible seat support and handlebars that move both horizontally and vertically as you ride. This one of the best revolution bikes can get for yourself. The adjustments in the anterior-aft seat and saddle height positioning let you to have utmost complete tension and strength producing abilities and also a balanced knee position.

Keiser m3 plus indoor cycle review

After reviewing other popular exercise bikes, it is time to review the Keiser m3 plus indoor
cycle. It is one of the best indoor pedaling bikes. Apart from using it at
home, it a great addition to the gym for those offering classes. Furthermore, if you are looking
for a bicycle that you can use for your cardiovascular workout and one that
will have a moderate impact on the joints, Keiser’s M3 Plus cycle is all you need.

We all love using products that come from popular brands and
this bike gives you exactly that. It comes from Keiser well established brand
that has a strong repute for its quality products.

Keiser m3 plus Indoor Cycle Review

We want to ensure that you get a good spin bike to use indoors. That is why we are sharing the features that make this bike a good option. 

Features at a glance

  • Magnetic resistance system.
  • 4-way handlebar
  • Seat adjustments
  • Bluetooth enabled computer
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Stretch Pads
  • Wheels
  • Flywheel guard.
Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Bike
Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Bike




Good quality
It is comfortable


Our Overall Rating

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Features explained


If you are always moving within your home or to other place and would love to take your bike along, the maker of this bike ensured it is easy to transport. The bike has wheels that are fixed on the front to making it easy to move around.

Adjustable seat

Another feature that you will like about this bicycle is the seat that you can easily adjust. The saddle is cushioned and it can adjust both horizontally and vertically. This makes this bike comfortable to ride for many hours on the seat.

Data console

This is among other features that will makes this bike worthy of your dollars. It comes with three data console options to ensure that you can track all your progress and get the feedback about your workout effectively. ‘

Heart rate monitor

With Keiser M3 plus indoor cycle, there is no need of having another device to monitor your heart rate. You get everything in one bike. The heart rate monitor is wireless and you can buy the chest belt separately.

Water container holder

Whether you are exercising or not, it is important to stay hydrated. This spin bike comes with an inbuilt holder for your bottle so you can have your water nearby and drink as you exercise.

More resistance options

Regardless of the type of rider you are, this bike will absolutely serve you well. It features twenty-four levels of tension that vary from light to the strongest. They are powerful  and meet the needs of many rider.

4-way Handlebars

It is no doubt that you will find Keiser M3 plus cycle awesome. The handlebars offer you a grip of your liking and allow the bike fit users of various heights.

Bluetooth enabled

This allows you to connect to the app of this bike or connect to your headphone and listen to music as you workout. It also allows you to have easy monitoring of you workout progress. 

  •  It is easy to use
  •  The bike is comfortable
  •  Offers many resistance options
  •  Transportation of this bike is easy owing to the wheels
  •  Allows you to stay hydrated thanks to the bottle holder
  •  Assembly of this spin bike is easy
  •  The bike operates quietly
  • Suitable for users of different heights
  • It lets you monitor your heart rate so you know your workout progress.
  • While loved nearly everything about this bike, we didn’t like the fact that you have to make use of emergency brakes for you to decelerate the flywheel. However, this option is good if you are used to it.

What Others Say about Keiser M3 Plus

After testing the bike, we set out to find out the views of others who have tried the bike. Most of the users love it except for the Bluetooth that has issues. Other also warned that you should read the instructions on the manual before you start assembling. While it is simple, following instructions is crucial. 


If you are looking for a good spin bike, this cycle from Keiser is your number one of option. It is easy to use, comfortable, durable, and lets you stay hydrated by keeping your water closer by. You will not regret investing in this bike. As we all know, it pays to buy something expensive but forget shopping for a long time. I’m not saying expensive products are good but what I’m saying here is that don’t look at the price, but look at the quality of the product and the value you will get. Happy Shopping!



10 Ways to reduce boredom on an exercise bike

Exercise should not be a routine but rather a challenge. This is whereby you strive to be better each passing day regardless of the test at hand. A workout on the fitness bikes can be isolating and sometimes might seem like a chore. I mean, who wouldn’t get bored when they do something repeatedly in the same exact manner? Well, there are always many ways to reduce boredom on an exercise bike.

Though these workout bikes come with an assured comfort, exercising is no different. It can be boring and most people quit at some point. Monotonous training and a lengthy period of exercise contribute to this. Challenge yourself, have fun and stay healthy.

What are the ways to reduce boredom on an exercise bike?


Consider breaking down your session into segments. If it’s a two-hour section, break it into two sessions or four. Here is an example of how you could break your cycling workout;

  • Start with warming up, walk or skip a rope for five minutes at 5 km per hour.
  • Next, cycle for one mile at 9 km per hour at a moderate speed.
  • Without changing the pace, have a rest set by slowing your speed to 8 km per hour for three minutes.

For the intense work set, speed up to 10km per hour for 30 seconds. Have another rest set, again cycle at 8 km per hour for three minutes.

  • Continue cycling at this pace, speeding up for 30 seconds and slowing down for three minutes. Do it until you reach 25 minutes.
  • Now cycle for one and a half more kilometer at 10 km per hour.
  • Finally, cool down by cycling slowly at 6 km per hour for a period of 20 minutes.

If you are a lover of a stretched period of an intensive workout, you could take breaks to hydrate. You could also finish up on your daily house chores, pack your kid’s snacks. Additionally, you could break to prepare for your presentation. Each of this break time comes in handy in all ways imaginable.

Tag a Friend.

I find it motivating to have people around on many occasions. You will find that having someone there is much better than an on-screen interaction.
Having an exercise buddy and have some fun social time working out. It is more so like killing two birds with one stone.

This will also help you push yourself even harder to exercise more. This is especially if your workout partner is fitter than you. Set targets and get to see who completes faster for the competing set that is motivating.

Best exercise bike
exercise bike

Bike upgrade

Upgrading your bike is among the many ways to reduce boredom on an exercise bike. It might hurt the pocket but it will be worth every coin. It is definitely for you if you would love to have your cake and eat it.

The most revolutionized exercise bikes like the GC come with a customizable screen. This is so you can display both your workout pane and another screen side by side.

You can also shift positions and resistance levels with the likes of GC and get to spin with style often. This will allow you to get that workout on different levels on the same bike. This is unlike that which lacks the feature that could limit you.

The spinning exercise bike will give you an outdoor cycling feel. You can also perform your desired stunts on it.

There is a wide range of modern bikes whose capabilities will leave you astounded. There are those that auto-detect a sudden slug in the cycling. They also increase the intensity to get you burning the calories.

The hybrid bikes have a speech aid that engages the user to keep them from boredom. They are also well toned for reminders of certain activities.

When connected to a certain device like a phone, they can read out aloud incoming call names. Also, they can perform other things they are instructed to.

Whether you are onto a spinning bike or a more advanced bike the catch here is to do various interesting stuff. Be braced for an exceptional workout.

Other bikes like the Proform Tour de France connect to google maps. This helps them to display worldwide locations you can bike. Wait! That is not the gist, it actually adjusts the gradient and resistance to suit your location.

Yeah, I want to cycle somewhere at the North Pole while sweating off in my gym in the South Pole.

Listening to Music

The secret here is to have your mind off work and transit to a more relaxed state with ease.
Music is a good way to curb boredom but a proper choice of music is a major plus. Find the genre of music that motivates you while on that bike.

High-tempo music will give you the required drive when cycling faster. This is by dropping the resistance on the bike. Slow music will intuitively make you increase the resistance. It will be more so like cycling up-hill thus cycling in a slow manner. It is also advisable to keep an updated playlist to keep you focused. The reason is that a particular one will become monotonous leading to boredom.

A boring choice of songs will not only lower your morale, but it will also eat up into your cycling time. This is as you try to rumble through the playlist for a better song.

Audio Aid

I once entered a gym on my gym hunting expedition and saw a large colorful post. “Hearing is an exercise on its own”. You will need to turn your head hear something said. As a result, you will be wasting your cycling time. Everyone has their own preferences. Some wouldn’t prefer listening to music while cycling. The innovations present offer a wide range of audio materials other than music.

  • Podcasts are an alternative to music. Come to think of it you enjoy a worldwide access to content mostly for FREE. You download audio files into your personal gadget and listen to it during your workout or stream live. They are designed in a way that they can fit both long and short workouts.
  • You can use prompts once in a while or as a regular setting. Try the “Stuff you missed in History Class” podcast amongst the many available, it has some really good stuff.
  • Audiobooks are good too though you cannot download them, you only stream live. They have an additional benefit in that it keeps you recalling power and an intellectual bit on the check.

Online language platform mostly has a readout aloud option. You can use the time cycling to stream an online class of your desired language. It can be French, Spanish you name it.

It takes time to learn a new language, you can learn a new language whilst cycling and grow yourself. The concentration involved in grasping all you can ultimately take your mind off. It makes you forget that you are on that bike cycling.

Doing a Group Exercise

Whether you are a loner who likes to have things done on a low key and with less audience, you could definitely use some group time. There is magic in numbers, trust me on that. The many they are the merrier.

The internet is a great way to search for exercising groups or gyms that advocate for such. Groups will always beat the boredom out of almost everything. There are innovative ideas that come up when at it. Constant involvement in groups will lift your spirits when all seem impossible. And in the process, you will develop group cycling skills. You will work out more than when cycling solo. There is that motivation that hovers around when different personalities mingle. The result is eruptive energy.

Organizing cycling events coupled with fun activities like arm workouts will create an aura and boy will you sweat it more than on other occasions. You end up working harder, longer and stay on for a longer period. Oh! Plus you get to laugh your heart out when a group member does something laughably weird.


Do that happy dance, yes you read it right. You can actually write while on that cycling mission. I do that too on days when I go some journaling to do as well with a busy day lurking ahead.

How? You simply need a diction software for instance; Voice finger, Braina Pro, Apple Diction only to mention but a few. Surf through and identify one which is compatible with your device since they have specifications.

The software listens to you speak and simply transcribes it. You like I, have to learn the art of conversationally speaking and allow yourself to dig deeper financially to get good software. Be it that you are a writer or are in the field that involves a lot of writing you can now write as well as cycle concurrently.

If you are doing intense cycling you will need to keep yourself on the ground with both hands. This is where the diction software comes in handy. You will also appreciate the comfort and increased concentration that comes with the bike upgrade we had mentioned earlier.

Target Setting

Nothing can ever deter a self-motivated and a goal setting person. Inner motivation is actually a factor. Regardless of the ways you use to kill boredom, you are still devoted to see the cycling to fruition. You stop at nothing but the best when you put your whole mind, body, and soul to something

When you put yourself to cover a certain distance at a certain speed and time, you work towards that. Once conquered, it is a human nature to want to outsmart and go harder on a tougher setting.

Every time stamp during cycling can actually be a target setting time. Decide on the long term and short term (spontaneous) goals that you actually would love to slash and go hard on them.

Interval Training

Design a time formula that allows you adequate rest in between. I would not prefer a workout that leaves me gasping for air like am running from danger. No, easily and nicely so I get to enjoy the ambiance and soak it all in whilst at it. If you are starting out I would recommend the 2:1 interval. That is having a 1-minute rest amidst every 2 minutes of bike exercise.

For an advanced or more experienced cyclist, you can do a long stretch of exercise with short rests in between depending on your boredom countering activity.

It does not stop at allowing you some time to rest. There is a prove that interval training has given people some decision-making platform. You are cycling thinking of something that is bugging you and that eureka moment down on you just as you are going easy on the bike


A right mental position is actually what makes a hard situation able to conquer. Winning in all instances starts from within. When cycling on high resistance, picture it as if you are coming down a ramp where you don’t need effort. This will help push you to completion of the session.

Imagine leading a whole group of bikers or overtaking them at taking lead. Would you want to slow down and give others a chance to catch up with you? Definitely no, that winning spirit won’t let you back down.


If you have been looking for the best ways to reduce boredom on an exercise bike, now you have them.

We can only say this; Exercise and exercise!

An exercise bike will help you achieve all your workout goals.
Find that exciting thing that works for you from time to time to make working out on an exercise bike less than a chore. Do not, I repeat do not let the excruciating boredom catch up with you as well as the carbs with all the options given.
Take your sports beverage along to stay hydrated and to restore the energy you are burning. Add that spice and get your groove on!
Best of luck.

Can an exercise bike reduce belly fat?

Belly fat is an issue that most women have to deal with as they age. There are several reasons why individuals put on belly fat. Poor diet, the amount of exercise you perform, and stress. This only means that your weight is hugely determined by the way you balance the calories you consume with the energy burnt. Exercising less and eat a lot, puts you at risk of gaining much weight. This includes belly fat. And this brings us to the question; Can an exercise bike reduce belly fat?

Before getting into deep into the details, I want to share one tip that has helped me lose unnecessary belly fat. Some of the things include; lowering stress improving your nutrition, increase your exercise or activity and making some adjustments to your lifestyle.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, Many women realize an increment in belly fat as they age, even when they are not putting on weight. Perhaps due to decreasing estrogen level, that seems to control where fat is disseminated in your body. Some people have belly fat and they are not bothered. Well, if you must know, stomach fat can result in you developing some diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. That is why you should always ensure that you are not in a state to have unwanted belly fat.

Exercise bike
Riding a bike

Now, back to our question.

Can an exercise bike reduce belly fat?

Although the answer to this question is yes, it all depends on how you use your workout bike. If you use the bike in a targeted method, it will surely assist you to lose stomach fat. What we are saying here is that you should know how to make use of your stationary bicycle to your benefit. Therefore, getting in your bike and exercising can help you to reduce belly fat further as compared to other normal activities.

Most of the time people ask if using a workout bicycle is a sure way to lose fat. Well, as I said earlier, the results depend on different factors. They include raising the intensity and combining it with other exercises.

How to reduce belly fat with an exercise bike

Now that you know that an exercise bike can help you reduce belly fat, here are how you can reduce that fat using a workout bicycle.

Consider interval training

This kind of training is among the most recommended techniques that can help you to burn fat efficiently. Some people start their exercises without warming up. This is wrong!. If you are going to use this technique to reduce your belly fat, consider starting with 5-minute warm up and at a low pace. After that, you can now start to pedal as quickly as possible for around twenty seconds. Once you do this, rest or take a break of ten seconds and do this over and over again.

With time, extend the 20-10 rate as you raise resistance and consider building your tolerance riding for one minute continuously. Exercising on bike races in your workout schedule on an everyday basis. It also reduced your consumption of calories. The best thing is that you will burn many calories within a short period of time in intervals.

Adhere to a steady speed and routine

I’m sure you know that your enlarged belly, did not grow on one night. Similarly, you will not get rid of the fat with just a single exercise session. When cycling the stomach muscles are not working hard like the glutes or quads do when you are riding. Since cycling is of aerobic nature, it only implies that you are burning fat. So if you want to lose weight or have a bad knee, exercise bikes are a good option for you.

The thing here is that you should use your exercise bicycle consistently as it can help to reduce fat. It may also help to make your body muscles strong. Working out at a moderate intensive speed that allows you to have a conversation. The reason why you should consider a low-intensity exercise is that it burns a huge amount of fat as compared to high-intensity workouts. But this doesn’t mean exercising any time you want. Consider having a schedule that you should follow.

 Combine it with other exercises

Someone recently asked if I don’t’ get involved in other activities, can an exercise bike reduce belly fat? While we said that using an exercise bike is a good way to reduce belly fat, sometimes it is also good to combine it with other types of exercise. For example, engaging in muscle building and fat burning workouts can boost your efforts. But this means that you should consider alternating the exercises to prevent predictability.

You don’t have to exercise indoors always. Sometimes, if the climatic condition in your home favors you, consider going for a bike ride. Apart from that, you can go jogging or walking. As an alternative, try participating in a high energy workout many times a week for sixty minutes. Need more tips? Check our homepage.

Best quotes for bikers

We are all human beings and that means we all need inspiration. I know there are some people who need to exercise using a bike but cannot do it because of one or two things. Don’t worry! In my post today, I want to share some of the quotes that will give you inspsiration to get on your bike and go cycling.

“The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew, and live through it” – Doug Bradbury

“You can say that climbers suffer the same as the other riders, but they suffer in a different way. You feel the pain, but you’re glad to be there” – Richard Virenque

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking” – Arthur Conan Doyle

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them” – Ernest Hemingway

“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride” – Eddy Merckx

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Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike

This is another best foldable exercise bike from Exerpeutic. Among the many exercise bikes we have reviewed on this website, this Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS seems to stand out from the rest. If you are wondering why you should buy this bike, here are the features that you will find useful.

Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS bike Features at a glance

  • Large seat pad
  • LCD display
  • Transportation wheels
  • Three-piece cracking mechanism
  • Pulse sensors
  • Large pedal design
  • Foldable design
  • Durable construction
  • PVC gear mat, waterproof
  • 400 IBS weight capacity
Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike
Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike

Large seat pad

Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS bike features a large seat pad that is comfortable and can fit people of all sizes. Also, the seat is adjustable enabling it to fit five feet by one inch to six feet by five-inch user heights.

LCD display

You will also love the fact that this workout bike has an LCD display that you can read easily. The screen shows you the distance, speed, calories burned, scan, time, pulse and odometer. Using the display you can easily monitor your progress and get motivated to continue exercising.

Three-piece cranking system

This is the best thing that happened to this exercise folding bike. The high torque cranking mechanism offers a smooth and steady riding motion.

Large pedal design

Your safety matters regardless of where you are exercising from. And this bike offers you exactly that. With its huge pedal design and the safety straps, you can be sure that your foot will not slip as you exercise. It means you will be free of injuries from the start to the end.

Pulse sensors

The heart pulse sensors are placed on the handlebars and they help to sense your pulse. This, in turn, helps you to have a measure of the rate of your heart displayed on the LCD panel.  However, to get a good reading, you should hold them with the hands. Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS bike provides the best way to track the heart rate any time you wish to train or workout in a heart rate zone best for your age and fitness level.

Transportation wheels

If there is something I love about this workout folding bike is the fact that it has transportation wheels. And just as the name suggests, moving this bicycle from one region to the next is stress-free. This means, if you want to train at your neighbor or friend’s house, you can move the bike without any problems.



  • It is comfortable
  • It is user-friendly
  • The bike saves space
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to read LCD panel
  • You can have a quiet ride
  • The bike is durable allowing you to use it for many years
  • Offers you a more challenging workout
  • Allows you to monitor your exercise progress
  • The PVC mat is waterproof and protects the floor
  • The bike is suitable for tall people
  • It is safe and remains stable on the ground while exercising
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is not suitable for short people
  • You might experience wiring issues and this means you should seek expert help.

What others say about this bike

To ensure you purchase a bike that will give you value for the money, we conducted some research on what others thought about this bike. We realized that the most individuals had a good experience. Among the good things that other users loved include the heart rate monitor, easy assembly, stability, and durability. So if you are looking to buy a folding exercise bike that is easy to assemble, durable and allows you to monitor your progress. This is your number one option. The fact that you can exercise quietly on this bike, means you can perform your workout even at night when others are sleeping without disturbing them.


If you are looking for the best exercise bike for tall person, this bike from Exerpeutic is your number one option. With this bike, your safety is guaranteed while exercising. And since you can see the distance, calories burned, time, and heart rate, this bike gives you the motivation you need to keep exercise. However, whatever bike you choose for exercising depends on your fitness needs. Well, good luck with your shopping. 

Best Foldable Exercise Bike

Best foldable exercise bike

You don’t need to go to the gym for you to exercise. There are several ways and gears you can use to exercise at home and one of them is getting the best foldable exercise bike. The best thing about these type of bikes is that they occupy less space while giving you the advantages of a self-supporting bike. Even if you live in a small room, you can still train without sacrificing your time.

Another reason why you should a consider a foldable workout bike is because it is lightweight. This makes the bicycle suitable for people who want an exercise tool they can move around the home. Since we know shopping is a challenge for many, here are some of the top picks that we reviewed for you. But first, let’s have a look at the reasons you should get one.



Reasons to buy folding exercise bike

Exercise has become a lifestyle among many people in the current. Comfort and accessibility are key when choosing your preferred method of working out. A folding exercise bike is an outstanding choice with a wide variety of features that ensure value for your cash. If you haven’t thought of buying a foldable exercise bike, I will give some reasons to invest in one.


Its folding and lightweight nature ensures easy and unrestricted carriage. You can collapse it to a handy size that saves the hustles and hurdles of moving around with a normal bike.


The peace of mind that comes along with having your bike at an arm’s stretch is one of a kind. You do not have a sudden adrenaline rush of a robber finding a way with your transportation means. Talk of being thief-proof.

Value for Money

Investment! This bike is an investment. You can exercise on it for long with less worry about repair and maintenance. All you need is tires well pumped, chain oiled and lights charged in case you are riding into the evenings. Most if not all of the foldable bikes, have high resale value for when you no longer need it or are seeking an upgrade. Therefore a loss is impractical as they hold their value even as time passes by.

Space Saving

If you are an adventurous health cautious self, you need to look no further. This is perfect and will fit in your car trunk during that weekend getaway. You can catch the bus too alongside your bike when need be.


The basic reason as to why many people opt to cycle is to keep their health in check as well. What is more to life than getting to where you are needed and having that daily exercise done? Nothing, I can guarantee you.

Convenient Usage

It is way much easier to learn cycling this beauty compare to learning your way around a car. The only bit that does not come naturally is in learning the art of folding and unfolding which is quick to learn.

It is a Social Instrument

You are riding to work on a usual day and you meet a fellow cycle mate, you strike a conversation on what their cycling experience is like. There you have it; you make one new friend that the concentration of driving your car on the road cannot allow.

Classy Feeling

Owning not a normal bike is having some little bit of class outside the norm. You get to arrive at your destination and perform the collapsible magic at the awe of some who are new to the folding exercise bike.

Environmental Friendly

It is a good option to carbon-emitting vehicles as its fuel free means of powering ensure no emissions of any kind. We conserve the environment with these folding bikes.

Variety of Options

They come in different sizes and shapes that fit different user preferences.


The folding exercise bike is a great exercising machine as well as a commuting bike. Its admirable merits will help narrow down your choice to the bike of your dreams. Happy purchase on your best folding exercise bike.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Bike

Let’s begin the review with this bike from Exerpeutic. If your reason to exercise is to lose weight, this is the bike for. It has a large seat and allows you to adjust it so it can fit your size. This means the bike is ideal for users of all sizes. 


  • Compact design
  • Weight capacity of 300 Ibs
  • Hand pulse monitor
  • Large seat pad Huge
  • LCD display
  • Eight level magnetic tension mechanism
  • Foldable

• It’s user-friendly
• Accommodates users of different sizes
• It saves space with its foldable design
• This bike is quiet and smooth
• The bike is comfortable
• It is sturdy

• I didn’t like the pedal straps since they are made of rubber.

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

If you are looking to have different levels of exercise, this is one of the folding exercise bikes you should buy. The manufacturer of this Marcy upright bike included a manually adjustable resistance to ensure you have different levels of exercise. There are eight preset degrees of magnetic friction button that will allow you to set to mimic different kinds of exercises based on the endurance. It makes you feel as if you are riding a road bike. Sounds good, right?


  • Adjustable resistance
  • Padded seat
  • Adjustable height
  • Counterbalanced pedals
  • Rubberized foot
  • LCD panel
  • Foldable design
  • Sturdy construction
  • It is comfortable to exercise on for extended hours
  • The bike is suitable for all user heights
  • The LCD panel is easy to read
  • This bike is durable


  • Although I couldn’t find so much bad on this bike, I found out that the seat is a bit uncomfortable

Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike

This is another best folding exercise bike from Exerpeutic. Among the many exercise bikes we have reviewed on this website, this Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS seems to stand out from the rest. It is among the good bikes with Heart Pulse Sensors that help you to track your training progress. 


  • Heart pulse sensors
  • Transportation wheels
  • LCD panel
  • Large pedal design
  • Large seat
  • Foldable design
  • 400 IBS weight capacity

• It is comfortable
• It is user-friendly
• The bike saves space
• This bike is easy to move around
• Easy to read LCD panel

Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR

This bike has made it to the best foldable exercise bikes thanks to the awesome features it possesses. Even if this is your first time to train with an exercise bike, you will without any doubt love this bike. The bike does not only fold for easy storage but it also has transportation wheels that make transportation easy. If you love exercising in different rooms, you will find the wheels useful. Let’s have a look at the features before you make that crucial purchase. 


Features of Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR

  • Transportation wheels
  • LCD computer screen
  • Half recumbent design
  • Huge seat cushion
  • Durable construction
  • Back rest

• Easy to get on and off
• The bike is easy to move from one area to another
• The computer display is easy to read
• It is durable
• The seat is adjustable
• Storage is easy
• Very quiet

• One that is not good about the bike is that it has foot straps that are large but not enough.
• The seat was a bit uncomfortable

Can’t wait to read our full review? You can check it now.

Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike
Best folding exercise bike

Best exercise bike for bad knees

Best exercise bike for bad knees

Suffering from persistent knee pain should not prevent you from exercising. There are several exercise bikes to choose from. While it is not an easy task, you can always find the best exercise bike for bad knees. An exercise bike will offer you numerous health benefits including mentally. A good workout bike for knee pain allows you to modify the settings so they can match your body. According to research, there are two bike types that people with bad knees can use to exercise.

Best exercise bike for bad knees
Exercise bike for bad knees

Types of best exercise bike for bad knees

While all bikes have several health benefits and relieve pains, they work differently. That is why you can find the best exercise bike for short person or tall people. Such bikes are specifically designed to meet their needs. Research has shown that a recumbent and upright bike is suitable for use by people who suffer from constant knee pain. This is because most aerobic activities like team sports or jogging, tend to be hard on the joints due to the impact associated.

A recumbent and upright bike or let’s say a stationary bike is a good option because it allows the heart to continue pumping minus exerting stress on the joints. Therefore, they offer low impact exercise that is stress-free on your knees.

Reasons to buy the best exercise bike for bad knee

Recumbent exercise bike

One thing about the recumbent exercise bikes is that they are On the other hand, easy on your knees and they largely lower the risk of injuries associated with your back and knee. Recumbent cycles come equipped with spacious bucket seats as well as back support that allows you to completely rest back and raise your feet as you exercise. This places you in a position that is comfortable which does not feel like an exercise. All your weight is shifted to the machine and thereby relieving your knees of the strain allowing you to enjoy and completely painless and safe exercise. This all without injuries, burns or pains.  

The best thing about this bike is that you still get to burn a good number of calories even as you enjoy the comfort.  A recumbent bike is designed for individuals with bad knees or who have undergone knee replacement. If you also want an exercise bike for seniors, this is can do as well.

Upright exercise bike

This kind of bike gives you the same workout as when training outdoors. With the upright bike, it is like the entire body is exercising. This type of bike allows more movement and this means more muscles are exercised as you change position. The forward leaning of the bike makes it comfortable for people with knee pain. 

Best Exercise Bike For Bad Knees

If you have recurring knee pain, we did some research for you and below are some of the exercise bicycles that will help you enjoy a painless but safe workout. Have a look at them before you go shopping.

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

If you have bad knees and are looking for a bike that will give you an exceptional experience, this bike from Exerpeutic will give you exactly that. The best thing about this bike is that it is foldable with a semi-recumbent design that is comfortable and summoning. The design alone makes this bike suitable for any person who is recuperating from injury. There is also a backrest and a huge seat that make the bike one of the best for individuals of all sizes. Also, if your aim is to find a bike that will allow you to monitor your heart rate, speed, and time, this is the bike for you.


  • It is foldable
  • The bike is comfortable
  • It is suitable for persons recuperating from injury
  • Allows you to monitor speed, distance, heart rate and time
  • It is user-friendly
  • Suitable for users of all sizes


    • Seat not comfortable
Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike
Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Check the latest price

Schwinn 230 recumbent bike

If you are recovering from a knee injury and need a bike that will help you track your goals, this bicycle from Schwinn will give you exactly that. The bike comes with a goal tracking setting that you can use to monitor your goals and stay challenged and motivated. The huge vented seat that has a lumbar support to ensure you are comfortable and stay cool while exercising. Also, there is the LCD window that is easy to read and lets you see different feedbacks at once. Additionally, you will love this bike because it comes with a three-speed fan that helps you to stay cool as you do your workouts. I’m sure you will love the Acoustic chamber speakers that ensure you enjoy the best sound quality while doing your exercises.


      • The LCD window is easy to read
      • This bike allows you to track goals
      • It keeps you cool thanks to the vented seat and fan
      • The bike is comfortable
      • It allows you to enjoy your music as you exercise
      • The bike is easy to get on and off


      • Not suitable for individuals who are above six feet tall
      • There is no back light for the screen

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Another bike from Schwinn that you will surely like to have. It is more than an exercise bike for bad knees. This bike comes with a fan that is adjustable to ensure you get the cooling atmosphere of your preference. With this bike, you can easily monitor your heart rate due to ergonomically positioned handle heart rate. Unlike other bikes that we have reviewed, this workout bike has 25 resistance levels that help to offer you a wide range of training intensity choices. Another feature on this bike is the vented and contoured seat that ensure that you are comfortable while exercising. Also, this bike allows you to connect to your Bluetooth so you can enjoy your music.


      • The LCD display is easy to read
      • It offers you consistent and smooth exercises
      • The bike lets you monitor your heart rate
      • The fans are adjustable for the best cooling atmosphere
      • This bike is easy to use
      • The bike offers you twenty-five different resistance levels
      • Operates quietly
      • It is easy to assemble


It is a bit heavy and this makes it difficult to move around.

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

This bike from Exerpeutic is another bike on my list that has great features. If you haven’t found the best exercise bike for bad knees, purchasing this one will not be a wrong decision. The bicycle comes with an 8-level magnetic tension control mechanism that lets you tailor your ride and test yourself after a while. This machine is among the best exercise machines because it protects your floor and does not make noise while you exercise. This is because the bike features a folding water resistant PVC tool mat that aids in the protect and reducing the noise so you get to have quiet environment when you exercise.


      • It is quiet when exercising
      • It is water-resistant and thus it protects
      • The bike allows you to tailor your ride based on your level of resistance
      • The display is easy to read
      • It reduces stress on the joints


    • I discovered that the pedaling system for Exerpeutic 900XL is not that smooth.

Best exercise bike for short person

It is usually not easy to find a good exercise bike for short person. When you are tall, people keep staring at you whenever you walk around. The same case applies to people who are short. Well, the pain doesn’t end there. You may go shopping and spot a good exercise bike only to realize it is not up to your height. Short people find it hard to ride huge exercise bicycles. The best way to get a good bike for a person with short legs is to find a bicycle that is adjustable or small.

Being short or tall does not mean you will not enjoy the activities people with normal height enjoy. Actually, the manufacturers of bicycles thought about this and most of the bicycles have modifiable seats. You can lower or raise the seat to match your height. There are also those that have seats that you can move forward. Another feature you should look out for on a good exercise bike for short person is the pedals. They should be sturdy and have a non-slip surface. It might also help to find a bike that has inbuilt exercise programs.

Key features of exercise bike for short person

  • Adjustable seat
  • Sturdy pedals
  • Inbuilt programs
  • Stability
  • Durability

These are just some of the key features you should look out for when shopping for a workout bicycle for a short person.

Best exercise bike for short person

Exerpeutic 400XL folding bike

This is among the best bikes you can get for exercising especially when you are short. The bike is foldable and this only means it is easy to store. If you have limited space, this could be the bike for you. The exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike has a semi-recumbent design that is responsible for ensuring that you can easily get in and out of the bike. Apart from that, this bike from Exerpeutic comes with a large LCD screen that is effortless to read. The display allows you to see the distance time, calories torched, speed, pulse, and scan.

The best stuff about this bike is that it has hand vibration sensors located on the grip bars that help to target the heart rate zone. The maker of this bike did not stop there he ensured that there is a back rest for users of different sizes and also a huge seat pad. This ensures that you are comfortable even as you exercise. The seat is adjustable and can fit users of 5ft 2’ to 6ft 2’. Additionally, the bicycle has eight level magnetic tension mechanism that lets you adjust the level of the tension so you can have a difficult or easy training.

The Good

  • It is easy to get in and out
  • The bike allows you to adjust the tension level
  • It is comfortable
  • The seat is huge
  • Easy to read display
  • It stays stable
  • It operates quietly

The bad

  • While I did not find much on this side, the display uses lots of power and that means the battery gets drained fast.
Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike
Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Marcy me 709

This is another bike for short people that you might want to buy. The bike comes with eight levels of resistance. First, you need to know this is one of the stationary bikes that use a magnetic resistance system with eight friction stages. With this bike, you will have the tension controls regulating the difficulty to mimic cycling on various grounds. You will also be able to customize your exercise based on your level of fitness.  Also, Marcy me 709 features a computer display that serves as an odometer. In addition to that, the screen has a clear panel that displays the speed, calories torched, time, and distance. They are all displayed in large digits so you can easily ready.

We had earlier mentioned the features to take into consideration. Well, the maker of Marcy me 709 had that in mind. The seat of this bike is padded well to offer you the comfort you need to exercise for long hours. The handles are covered with foam to offer you added support to your arms and back. The design of this bike is geared towards ensuring that you keep a fit form while training. There are also balanced brakes that are created to offer maximum support to the foot as well as ultimate control. The foot straps are modifiable to make a good fit for the feet.

The Good

  • Flexible foot bands
  • Offers maximum support to your foot
  • The handles are comfortable
  • The display is easy to read
  • The seat is well padded
  • Flexible resistance
  • Easy to assemble

The Bad

  • The only thing I did not like about this bike is that the holes of the seat pad that of the backrest board do not follow the seat post.
Marcy me 709 exercise bike
Marcy me 709 exercise bike

Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

This is one of the exercise bikes that gives you enjoyment and makes you forget you are a short person. The bike features twenty stages of regulated resistance that help to give you a wide range of exercise intensity options. We are in the technological world and the maker of this machine knows that very well. The Schwinn 130 has a number of technology features. One of them is the goal track features that enables you to set personal workout goals like the time, calories burnt, and the distance. 

Apart from that, this bike has two DualTrack LCD screens that help to give you more visibility to goal tracking and programs. This ensures that you have a satisfactory workout. The high-speed passivity drive operation ensures that you enjoy stress-free start-ups and steady, silent exercises all through. The seats of this Schwinn 130 are padded and contoured and have a post to ensure you have stress-free seat change. You will still enjoy your music even as you exercise because the bike has a USB port for charging your phone or music players. 

The Good

  • It is angle adjustable
  • The bike is suitable for short people
  • The seats are comfortable to use for extended periods of exercising since they are padded
  • Helps you track your goals
  • Easy assembly
  • USB port for charging your devices such as phones
  • Has an attractive design
  • Increases your visibility
  • The seat is large
  • It is stable

The bad

  • The only thing I did not like about this bike is the fact that the display doesn’t have a backlight.
Schwinn 130 Upright Bike
Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

Nautilus U614 Upright Bike

This bike from Nautilus is one of the best bikes for short person, If you love exercising for long periods, this bike is for you. This bike comes with a padded and molded seat that ensures that you remain comfortable regardless of how long you exercise. Also, this bike has transport wheels that are responsible for ensuring that it is stress-free to move the bike from one room to the other. 

With Nautilus u614 upright bike, you will not have a hard time starting it. This is because this bike comes with high-speed and inertia drive operation that has a border weighted flywheel that ensures you have natural startups and steady, uniform exercises. Another feature that you will enjoy once you get Nautilus’ bike is the Dual Track LCD screen console that has intent tracking functionality. The functionality allows you to place and trail your workout goals like exercising time,  calories burned as well as distance traveled.

The Good

  • Allows you to enjoy your music
  • The seat is comfortable
  • The bike lets you track your exercising goals
  • The LCD display is easy to read
  • The bike remains stable on the surface
  • It is easy to transport to another place
  • Permits simple seat exchange
  • The handlebars are angle adjustable
  • The bike is easy to start
  • Offers steady exercises
  • Easy assembly

The bad

  • I did not like the noise but it is all good.
Nautilus U614 Upright Bike
Nautilus U614 Upright Bike

Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Choosing an exercise bike

Did you know checking the exercise bike buying guide before heading to the market is important? Well, for you to enjoy your exercise and get the most out of it, you need to have good equipment.

I want to ensure you benefit from your exercise by offering this exercise bike guide. In this post, you will learn the basics of a good bike for exercising. While the bikes might work in a similar manner, there are some differences in the way they are configured. That is why you will notice that there are exercise bikes of the following types:

Types of exercise bikes

For now, allow me to give you  a sneak peek of three types of bikes:

  • Upright bike: This is a conventional workout cycle that has a traditional cycling position. The best thing about this bike is that it is more firm as compared to the recumbent bicycle.
  • Spinning bike: This bicycle is suitable for high-intensity exercises. The bike is not as comfortable as the recumbent and upright bicycles. Actually, it is the perfect training bike for fitness fans.
  • Recumbent bike: This the bike if you want to sit in a reclined position. The seat for this cycle is well padded making it comfortable. The is is also wide enough. This bike is suitable for individuals who experience back pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, or are recuperating from an ailment. But this bike is different from the others since it needs you to use more energy to pedal.

In case you have enough resources and energy, it may be a good idea to try out each bike. Do this before making a purchase. Different exercise bike types have different disadvantages and advantages as well as comfort levels. You will only know this by testing your preferred bike. Reading the testimonials and exercise bike buying guide from different writers will also help you identify the best workout bike. Before I go far, let’s see some of the things to consider when buying an exercise bike.

Exercise Bike Buying Guide: Things to consider

If you haven’t identified the bicycle that you need, you have not started shopping. Even with the type of bike you need in mind, there are some factors that you should consider. The factors will help you choose any kind of bicycle that you want. Check them out.


Before you hit that buy now button, ask yourself, is the buying I want to buy safe? When shopping for a workout bike, always remember that your safety is important. Even if you are not going to ride on the road, the bicycle has several parts. Most of the parts move as you exercise. Therefore, they are likely to cause injuries in the event of a malfunction. That is you should always ensure your bike comes with the required security precautions so you can reduce the possibility of injuries. Your safety and that of your family members is a key factor.


Your comfort will determine how long your exercise. If the seat of the bike is not comfortable and causes pain, your workout will be short. Buying a workout cycle that has comfortable seat will help you enjoy your workout. The comfort will also depend on how you want to exercise. What type of exercise bicycle will meet your fitness needs? Is the upright or recumbent one? If you have back pain, would probably want to have a recumbent exercise bike. It will make you more comfortable than the upright one.


Ensure you measure the area you plan to put your workout bicycle. All you want is for your bike to fit the space. You don’t want to be disappointed after purchasing the bicycle. To be safe, include not less than two two three feet to the width so you can have some space for the elbow and leg.


Manual resistance is easy to adjust when the bike is not in use. Most of the bikes that lowly priced, have this kind of resistance. If this is not what you want, go for a bike with electronic resistance. But you may find bikes with manual resistance convenient especially when adjusting while the program is underway.


Let us be realistic here, do you want a bike that cannot support your weight? I bet your answer is no. All you want is a sturdy bike. But keep in mind, when a sturdier bicycle means it is heavy and more stable. Some bikes have a weight of between 100 and 200 pounds. While this might be good, it is not easy to transport them. That is why you should consider asking the store to transport it to your location and also do the setup. Ensure your heavy bike has the wheels so it can be easy to move it.

Note: The weight of the bicycle should be within the accepted standard, anything beyond that will put your life at risk. 

Heart rate monitor

Even as you exercise, you still want to measure the intensity of the exercise and monitor the level of your performance. Some exercise bike types like the upright stationary and recumbent bikes come with this innovative feature. However, it is worth mentioning that some of them are not to be relied on as they may fail to read correctly because of the sweat and other factors. However, this does not affect all of them.


Having a display does not mean it will be user-friendly. That is why you need to ensure the bike’s programming screen is user-friendly. Avoid getting frustrated after purchasing the bike by testing it out while at the store. The programming display should be easy to use. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing an exercise bike and not knowing how to use it correctly. You may also want to check these out when you test drive at stores.


While this is coming last on my exercise bike buying guide, it is a critical factor. It does not make sense to plan about a bike that you cannot purchase. The best exercise bike does not mean it has to be expensive. It means the bike needs to be within your budget and meet all your workout needs.

Bottom Line on Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide

After going through this exercise bike buying guide, I’m sure you now know what type of bike fits you. You can still own an exercise bike without breaking a bank.

Exercise bike benefits

When you have an exercise bike at your house or home, this only means you can exercise any time you want. It could be as you watch your favorite show or listening to some music. Today I want to share this benefits you could get by just having an exercise bike.

Monitor your progress

In these modern world, everything is modernized and so are the bikes for exercising. Most of them allow you to connect to your devices through the Bluethooth. As a result you are able to monitor the progress of your exercise without having to stop. The best thing about these exercise bikes is that some of them keep data of more than one individual in their console. This allows you to see how others are progressing so you can challenge them.

Low-impact sport

Cycling is known to be an effect aerobic exercise. However, this bike exercising does not strain the joints of your ankle, knee, and hips. Therefore, there will be no impact on the joints while cycling. You will only experience a smooth pedaling motion that raises the heart speed and torches calories. If you have sore knees as a result of running, exercise bikes are your best option.

Apart from that, exercise bikes help to lessen the pressure on the lower back. As a result, you get to have fun exercising.