Total Gym Reviews Pros and Cons


As people age, they may find it challenging to get the right exercise equipment. That is why we want to share this Total Gym Reviews Pros and Cons. The Total Home Gym system is designed to allow you to work out on muscle strength and shed off unwanted body fat. It is designed with all features that make your exercise much more comfortable. 

The Total Home Gym system is the perfect machine to help you save your money and time. You will perform all your work out using the same machine. An individual can lose weight faster with the total gym machine as compared to other forms of workout. The price offer for this machine is affordable. Do you want to reduce your aerobic workout? Well, take this entire gym home with you with all features included. 

Total Gym Reviews Pros and Cons

Like any other exercise equipment, it has its bright and dark side. Here are some of the Total Gym Reviews Pros and Cons that no one wants to write about. Also, you can check out these amazing Total Gym Alternatives if you feel this one is not your type.


  • Some of the total gyms take up to 400lb 
  • The total gym does not need assembling. This is because all of them come fully assembled. 
  • Perfect for quick weight loss 
  • It saves your money and time 
  • The home gym is versatile and convenience 
  • Switching between exercise is a whole experience which let you focus and enjoy your work
  • It uses bodyweight  
  • It works well for the low-impact stretching and toning 
  • Made of sturdy material 
  • You can use it for any level of fitness you want 
  • Easy to store due to folding up
  • Does not make noise when using 


  • Hard to assemble 
  • Each model has a different warranty 

Key Features 

Add-on accessory

The total gym comes with different accessories to help you exercise. So, ensure you get the right fitness package. This exercise equipment has a crunch attachment which you will enjoy using as you practice. 

Apart from that, this system a cyclo attachment which allows you to use the total gym as the bike trainer. It comes with a myofascial release, which you can use to relax the muscle.


Here is another essential feature of the Total Home Gym System that makes it the best workout equipment for home. The good thing is that you can fold your total gym and put it away. Since it is made of flat design, you can store the machine in your bedroom. Therefore, it’s a good option if you have limited space. Although the machine is heavy, it does not come with a wheel. The Total Gym machine has a shipping weight of 105 lbs. If you unfold, your machine will take a space of 19.5″ x 93″ x 44.5″. Hence, this is the machine you need to own because it gives you all you want to do. 

Backrest and frame 

The Total Home Gym System is one of the well-cushioned and more general gym machines today. Any size of the frame will probably fit into your machine perfectly without any problem. This backrest can slide up or down because it is made of a smooth steel frame and high quality. You have an option of changing resistance level as your angles increase the same to resistance. 

Build quality 

The material used for the total gym is padded with durable foam. It assists the machine from wearing out and tearing. It comes with the exercise guide so you can learn how to use the machine safely and effectively. Additionally, it enhances convenience for the user and offers a high chance to fit in any space. 

Structure and design 

The Total Gym is made of incredibly compact. The system includes all the equipment necessary to exercise. You don’t have to worry anymore, looking for another in the market.

The exciting thing about this machine is that it is used by different people, both young and senior. I mean, it’s designed small enough for eight years or taller adults to use the machine entirely. Adjusting is simple; you can put at any angle of the position you want. This model comes with the pulley and capable system that helps squat stand. 


If all other Total Gym Reviews Pros and Cons didn’ share this, I to you covered. This is another essential feature of the total gym machine. It comes with an exercise system to support you to lose weight and tone from your body. If you want to strengthen your core and increase energy level, look no other, we have a total gym for you. This program works best for both casual fitness and people looking to shed off their pounds from exercise. You can use it for chest, shoulder, and arms. 


  • Maximum user weight 450lb
  • Compact design 
  • Total gym XLS: 85+
  • Fully assembled and ready to use 
  • Total gym workout tools and DVDs included 
  • Brand: Total gym 
  • Model: Fit
  • Dimension: 18.5″ x 50.5” x 8.5″
  • Type: Glide Board Home Gym
  • Ribbed squat stand 
  • Two wings that are attached for upper body weight 
  • Deck XLS exercise cars for reference 
  • Dimension Unfolded; Width 19′ x Length 90′ x Height 43′
  • Dimension Folded; Width 19′ X Length 51 X 9′ Height 9′
  • User height: 6′ 2″
  • Rolling range: 36.5″.
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime, two years on moving part 

 Total Gym Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a Total Home GYM System Worth Buying? 

Yes. Purchasing the home gym shows how serious you are in investment in your body fitness and health fitness. This device is an important one to try since it will help you get fit while in your home. You can burn fat faster and build muscle. 

Are total home gyms effective? 

Yes. Total home gyms are effective. That’s if you follow the instructions given and use regularly. It is recommendable you adjust the machine according to your height and weight. So, once you commit to exercising is useful to you. 

Are home gyms good for a senior? 

Yes. A total home gym is not for a specific age or gender; as long as you work out daily, you will start. However, senior people have superior home gym design for them and their unique needs. So, this device is best for all people who need to boost their energy on daily exercise. 

Can I lose weight on the total gym incline?

Yes. If you want to lose weight, it’s easy to shed fat using a home gym. The incline is going to help you burn fat and boost your metabolism. That is why you need total home incline.

What is the best total gym exercise? 

The best total gym includes those that work on the arms, abs, back,  chest, legs, arms, shoulder, and the whole of your body. Those brands will allow you to enjoy yourself as well.

Can Total Gym be used as a rowing machine?

Yes, you can use it as a rowing machine. However, it’s important to know that a Total Gym is not a rower in any way. It’s not designed as a rower. However, you can use a Total Gym as a rowing machine. This is especially good in situations where you don’t need intense rowing or rowing isn’t for long. So, Can Total Gym be used as a rowing machine? The answer is yes. But keep in mind you will not get the continued resistance to mimic water. If you want the experience of a rowing machine, buy yourself Concept 2 and you will have fun.


This Total Home Gym system could be your perfect option if you need home-fitness. A total home gym is the best for losing weight, runners, walkers, and cardio training. This one is suitable for all ages and it is also used for different purposes. 

The good thing with this home gym is it’s affordable, and you can start working out immediately. The Total Home Gym comes fully assembled; you only need to take it out from the box, then unfold it and start exercising body fitness. The device is built from durable material and will last for a long time. Therefore, please take advantage of the total home gym worthy of your money.