Bowflex Xceed Review

Did you know that using Bowflex Xceed in your home can help you achieve your fitness goals? They are perfect for those who do not have time to go to the gym to exercise. This machine allows you to work out on your muscle. It also provides you with 65 exercises of resistance that are upgraded from 210 lbs. It comes with everything you are looking for the body workout. We are writing this Bowflex Xceed Review to ensure you know everything about this machine.

Bowflex Xceed has an optional power rod for some individual users.  In case you want to know more about this machine features, warranty, design quality, pros, and cons read below?

Bowflex Xceed Review: Who Should Get This Machine?

Bowflex Xceed Review
Bowflex Xceed Review

The Bowflex Xceed is one of the best compact size home gyms with a space-constrained area. It is also designed for individuals who want to focus on building muscles and body fitness training. The features of this machine-made it impossible for trainers to use well. 

In case you are looking for the heavyweight machine for your muscle, we do not recommend Bowflex Xceed to you. For the weight mass, you can try a treadmill 400lb. 

We suggest this machine for those individuals who are a beginner and want to reduce and keep weight off. You can use up to 300-pound bodyweight for your fitness. The machine is manufactured for those looking for well-designed fitness and the most convenient home gym. 

Users with 6 feet and 5 inches tall can adjust the seat to fit different heights. The machine is made  for the average person who needs to train in the comfort of their own home. It’s the greatest home gym that provides outstanding performance with the weighty features.

Assembly, Design, and Build Quality 

The Bowflex Xceed needs full assembly. The instruction guide of the machine is straightforward, and it will help you during the process. To manage assembly, it will take you some efforts and time.

This machine comes with the Allen Wrenches used for assembling. But for beginners, it’s essential to seek help from other people. The process of assembly can take 2 hours before finishing. But for the user friendly, you can do it without help.

You will also need adjustment wrenches like a screwdriver and flat blade screwdriver for the experienced user. There are smaller bolts that are required to be aligned into the holes with fitness. Note, if you happen to lose a bolt or nut, no spare. 

Bowflex has instructions for each step and notices to help you assemble nuts. Since the machine is sturdy, it can provide you with decent work. Following directions can make your work super easy. You need to make sure that bolts and nuts are tight for maintenance. But once you are through with assembly no need of maintenance required. 


Bowflex, Xceed is made by heavy-duty construction. The main reason for this machine is to strengthen your exercise.  Everything you expect from the gym equipment will provide for you. 

It is vertical design and more compact compared to other training tools. Since it is made up of high-grade steel, it can last longer. It is reinforced with an X shape at the base of the machine for stability.

The machine is created with black accents and a red Bowflex logo that makes it stand attractive among other tools. Bowflex needs a 7 x 6 workout area, it can withstand weight of up to 300lbs. 

Before you decide to buy this machine, ensure the compact design fits space provided. The height of the machine can be adjustable to fit different user heights. You are allowed to adjust at any place you feel comfortable. The size of the machine is not too large as compared to other home gyms. 

Since Bowflex Xceed has a built-in platform for the squats designed to strengthen and train for body fitness, the legs of the machine are extended, and you can still do a chest press. Some of the Bowflex trainer users like the design of the machine since they are comfortable while training. 

Using this machine, you can do any training you need because of their design. Therefore, if you are looking for the exercise machine with well-designed features, we recommend it for any beginner. 

The machine’s design made for fitness and gave customers the value they are looking from work out. Maybe you don’t have enough time to visit the gym, then Bowflex Xceed could be the best choice for saving your time. 

Nowadays home gyms are many, but this machine allows you to do more exercise. It gives you strength, tone, coordination, and muscular endurance found in this machine. 

Design of the machine used to strengthen users with over 65 gym quality exercises. There is no need to go to the gym for exercise; you can do it while in your home. Your family can join you for health fitness. 

Build quality 

The material made of Bowflex Xceed is of high quality and durability. It comes with a power rod that offers resistance and is upgradable. The rod makes the machine easy to use and with high durability. The resistance provided by this machine is suitable for a beginner. Once you gain bodybuilding, you can upgrade to the next level. 

The machine has a trademark red and black bench seat that is made from massive duty form. This makes it more durable compared to another exercise machine. 

Bowflex Xceed comes with multiple pulled systems that allow users to add variation to their workout. They are made of quality material that brings strength and stability. The framing is made of high device steel that is done in sleek black. 

The seat of the machine is of high quality since it comes with polyurethane high-density foam cushion. It enhances convenience for the user. The equipment is compact enough to fit into your free space. 


Heavy-duty material 

One of the best features to look for on this machine is a heavy-duty building. The shape of the machine is retained due to the heavy-duty steel frame. Bowflex Xceed will give you warranty for your workout. 

The seat of the machine is made from the polyurethane foam, which makes it comfortable when training. It will remain in the correct position due to the material used. 


We cannot complete our Bowflex Xceed Review without mentioning the accessory. Bowflex Xceed comes with different accessories to help you go training to the next level. The machine has an ab training strap which you will enjoy most. It will give you a fantastic ab workout that strengthens your muscles. 

It comes with squat and lat bars used for working the upper and lower body. However, the machine originates with a few fixtures to enable you to do a lot of exercises. You can change it and take a break in between the exercises. 

The machine has a manual instruction that includes and displays numerous of the exercise and workout routines. The grips are more stable and cushion. 

It  has a minor bar that is attached to the frame backbone above the backrest, and you can use it to attach pulley. 

The curve bar of the machine can suit different sizes of user. It is made of high-quality bent lat bar that helps your triceps, back, and shoulder pieces of training. 


It offers enough flexibility to workout for the same muscles. Most parts will enable you to move from different exercises and are pretty simple. You can move freely with Bowflex Xceed. You will need to structure your exercise routine for minimizing any of the changes for your machine. To gain more experience, try to use the machine. 

High weight resistance 

Bowflex Xceed helps to minimize your weight tracks and dumbbell plates. Since it comes with a trademark which provides weight resistance during your pieces of training. It has elastomeric for the durability and study machines. The elastomeric is well coated with thin high-quality material made of the rubber. 

Bench press 

It assists when you are exercising for your shoulder. Instead of sitting down, you can bench press. Bowflex Xceed comes with a vertical press that is best for customizing the workout program. Those are included per specific user. 

This is also used with free weight to strain your wrists and shoulder. It feels smoother and heavy to push. They determine how you move your arms while exercising. If you are looking for the Bowflex in terms of the bench press, this could be the best choice. You can try out for free today. 

Weight resistance 

Bowflex Xceed comes with power rod resistance. The machine does not have a weight stack like other home gym machines. It has a precision machine ring which is capable of hook. They are highly durable, and you cannot remove them from the rod easily. This makes the machine last longer. 

Safety measure 

Here is another essential feature to check for the Bowflex Xceed. This will enable users to have safe experience concerning the machine. When you are exercising, it will be simple to measure your track. 

Compact size 

When you consider the quantity of exercises per day, Bowflex Xceed takes up to a minimal total of the floor space. For accommodation, it will take you 7 foot and 4 footprints. Check your power rod to make sure it has sufficient height.

  • Bodyweight capacity of maximum 300lbs 
  • Curl handle 

The leg of the machine extended to assists in customizing the leg workout for the optimal results. 


We have a goal tracking for the home gym that comes with an exercise guide. For the body, fitness users can choose any particular exercise and set a goal. You are able to measure the performance of your goal easily. 

This home gym comes with numerous cable pulley systems that allow variation on the exercise. You are able to optimize your workout with the eight pulleys made from fiberglass materials. 

There are many Bowflex Xceed exercise accessories with an incredible number of workouts for the users. It include; chest, back, leg, and shoulder exercise. 


While doing research to write this Bowflex Xceed Review, we found out something interesting and you will like this. Warranty is the most significant thing to check for any product you purchase. It used to reflect the quality of the machine. Some of the home gyms provide a lifestyle based on the frame. Therefore, for the Xceed it comes with the following warranty:

  • 60 days part 
  • One year frame 
  • Five years power rod 

With Bowflex, you can get a warranty of 7 years. This shows how the machine is made of high-quality materials. Once your power rod breaks within the time-limited then, it can be replaceable free of charge. This is also the main reason users prefer this machine over the others. The quality of the machine is determined with the warranty given. 


  • User friendly 
  • The seat is comfortable and adjustable 
  • Easy to use and assemble 
  • Excellent power and rod resistance 
  • Heavy-duty construction 
  • The machine supports multiple mid-position for the pulley
  • Foam cushioning, with sturdy faux leather used for optimal comfort. 
  • It provides up to 410lbs of the accessible power rod resistance. 
  • Machine offer over 65 exercises 
  • The seat has adjustable and resistance seats. 
  • The device can suit both homes and the office gym. 
  • The unit features are cheap and rust-resistant coating. 
  • The coverage of the warranty is good. 
  • Quiet when in used. 
  • It has many exercise choices that cater to a large number of goals. 


  • They were no provision of folding machine 
  • It does not permit aerobic rowing 
  • Expensive


We hope the above information about the Bowflex Xceed review helps you well. It’s a compact machine that is well constructed to offer durable performance and a reliable warranty. This machine works perfectly for body fitness in your home gym. 

Bowflex Xceed  allows you to move from one exercise to another quickly.  That is why you can increase your resistance easily. We recommend this machine for anyone who is searching for the best home fitness machine. 

We also have another alternative of Bowflex Xceed, which is Body-Solid GLGS100, its plate load. But for other users and me, Bowflex gym is the best choice in the market.