5 Best Total gym alternatives

Having an at-home gym has its advantages. You can exercise at your own time and in a comfortable space. Total Gym is a popular brand in the fitness training equipment sector. Most fitness fanatics are familiar with Total Gyms but it would be better if you knew the Total Gym Alternatives too.  

This fitness equipment targets strength training, stretching, and aerobic exercises with limited equipment. Although the Total Gym is among the best, it can be quite expensive for others. This is why most people turn to Total Gym alternatives to achieve the same results. 

Total Gym Alternatives

These 5 but amazing Total Gym Alternatives will give an experience like never before. They are very affordable and easy to use. If we were to suggest a home gym for anyone, these machines would be on top of our list. However, if you’re a lover of the Total Gym machine, check out this detailed review.

Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home Gym

If you’re looking to have more than 60 different exercises at home, this fitness machine is the one for you. With 20 minutes, you can achieve muscle toning and burn full body fat. This home gym targets both the upper and lower body with its 8 resistance levels. 

This is a good alternative for anyone with a Total Gym machine.  With its bench that is adjustable, you can easily tune it to meet your preferences. It uses a pulley system and an adjustable height base to use the users’ weight as resistance for different exercises. This is affordable as you won’t need to buy weight plates to provide resistance. 


  • Features more than 60 exercises that are good for muscle toning as well as strengthening major muscle groups
  • Strong steel and durable plastic pieces
  • Eight  calibrated levels of bodyweight resistance
  • Safety hitch pin & safety spin for easy storage. 
  • 250 lb weight capacity 
  • Multi-functional attachment bar 


  • Assembled weight- 24kg
  • Weight resistance system- Body-weight resistance
  • Assembled dimensions- 92.5L x 16W x 43.25H inches
  • Product weight -75kng


The fitness machine comes equipped with much extra equipment. They include a multi-functional attachment and dip bars that target the upper body. A squat stand and leg pulley attachment target the lower body. There is also an exercise manual, exercise flip chart and a workout DVD. They guide you during exercise. Their nutritional guide focuses on muscle toning.


With over 60 exercises, this home gym is very versatile. Due to this, you can be assured of a full-body workout, muscle toning and various muscle groups workout.


  • 1-year warranty 
  • Easy to put up as it comes partially assembled
  • Strong steel frame which can support up to 250lbs. 
  • Affordable price
  • Versatile- Ability to perform over 60 different exercises
  • Folding design which saves space
  • Has many extra features included
  • Workout exercise booklet with a diet plan included.
  • Exercises DVD included
  • Quiet, suitable for apartments. 


  • Low weight capacity
  • The board might be too narrow for some people
  • Not great for adding muscle mass.

If lack of space has prevented you from getting a home gym, the Total Gym 1400 could be your best solution. This fitness machine is a good option for beginners who love exercising in the comfort of their homes. 

Regardless of whether you work out different body parts, this exercise machine is set to deliver quality. From its versatility to 8 resistance levels, this machine is worth buying. 

Fusion Motion Portable gym

If you always have a busy schedule, no time for the gym, and dislike working out with looks from many people, this is for you. It’s among the popular Total Gym alternatives. I’m sure you’ll love the Fusion Motion Portable gym. This all-in-one gym has everything you need to exercise anywhere you are. 

The Fusion Motion Portable gym is suitable for anyone who wants to start losing weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The sturdy steel bars provide more intense workouts.  


  • Heavy-duty reinforced steel bars for heavier loads and heavy resistance bands
  • Detailed guide with 200 training exercises.
  • Lightweight and has a folding base which makes it easy for transportation
  • 8 various attachments to tone and shape your upper and lower body 
  • 2 different workout bands to work your arms, legs and butt
  • Static handlebars to achieve the best pushups
  • Ab roller wheel to stimulate your core
  • Fusion tricep bar to build your arm muscles.
  • Exclusive structural polyethylene to handle heavier and more intense workouts


  • Package weight – 7.85kg
  • Item dimensions- 28L x 22W x 8H
  • Maximum weight capacity- 290 pounds

Accessories included in the home gym

  • 1 fusion motion base 
  • 2 normal resistance bands
  • 2 strong resistance bands
  • 2 dynamic pulse attachments 
  • 2 dynamic pushup handles
  • 2 static pushup handles
  • 1 fusion bar/ squat rack
  • 1 Ab roller wheel
  • 1 door anchor 
  • 1 fusion storage bag


  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 90 days warranty on all components and accessories in the home gym.
  • Has a lightweight folding base and an easy carrying handle for easy transportation
  • 8 different adjustable attachments for shaping your upper and lower body
  • Gym-quality results anywhere you are 
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced trainers 
  • Comes with a detailed training guide. 
  • Easy assembly, has detailed instructions on how to assemble the parts


  • Average resistance bands.
  • The board does not feel sturdy 
  • Some workout instructions are unclear.


Whether you’re just a beginner or an experienced trainer looking for home gyms, the Fusion Motion is the best choice. It is suitable for anyone of any age and skill level. Fusion motion portable gym contains all the necessary products needed at the gym.

The equipment is easy to handle. In addition to that, there is a training guide which will guide you on the exercises and give you motivation. Even if you’re trying it out for the first time, this gym makes it easy to work out for a little time.  

Weider Ultimate body works

Exercising at home has its advantages, you can get fitter and tone your muscles without paying high gym fees. The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a good workout machine for both beginners and experienced exercisers. It is equipped with various accessories to give you a quality-gym session.

The Weider Ultimate body works is an excellent fitness training equipment that provides full-body exercise with over 70 exercises. It is sturdy home gym equipment that combines calisthenics with cable pulleys and resistance cords to create an intense workout at home. This is why it made to the top of our list of amazing Total Gym alternatives.


  • Adjustable incline bench on wheels with a pulley on each side. The wheels and pulley system allow you to adjust the incline of the bench as much as you’d like. Increasing the steepness will create maximum weight resistance when working out. 
  • Steeper inclines increase the amount of weight resistance
  • The cable and pulley system allows you to get the best possible range of motion and versatility during your workouts. 
  • Sturdy and durable telescoping frame design. The steel tubing ensures the machine can handle intense workouts. 
  • 4 resistance brands allow you to add up to 50 lbs to the exercises for intense workouts. 
  • Comfortable bench. 
  • Space saver design as it folds for easy storage. 
  • Focuses on all major muscle groups
  • Rolling seat 
  • Hugh pulley 
  • Leg squat 
  • Free motion cables


  • Item packages- 59”L x 27.5”W x 48”H
  • Weight- 77lbs.
  • Maximum user weight- 250 pounds
  • Warranty- 90 days parts and labor.
  • Resistance system- Bodyweight resistance system. 
  • Cushion material- Foam 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Neighbor-friendly as it has quiet operation
  • Folding design for easy storage
  • A sturdy frame that can support users up to 250 lbs.
  • The sturdy, thick vinyl finish on the bench and 2” cushioning to ensure the user is comfortable
  • Versatile fitness machine as it offers over 70 exercises
  • Suitable for both strength and cardio training.  
  • Affordable 


  • Takes a lot of space lengthwise
  • Lacks a complete workout guide 
  • Limited weight resistance, not suitable for experienced weight lifters 


Designed for a full-body workout, the Wider Ultimate Body Works is perfect for both upper and lower body workouts. It strengthens muscles and increases flexibility. It features a space saver design which makes it the best workout equipment for home use. It is suitable for everyone looking for lean muscle mass, toning their body and losing some weight. 

BodyBoss Home gym 2.0

If you’re looking for a portable and compact exercise machine, the BodyBoss home gym 2.0 is your best bet. It is a portable full-body workout package that comprises a non-slip grip base with retractable anchors. You can slip interchangeable resistance bands and do various exercises to burn fats.

With this home gym, you can bring the gym wherever you are and exercise at a place you prefer the most. 


  • The vectrofit base simulates most exercises found at the gym. Customize the level of resistance by adjusting the bands
  • The handles simulate any exercise you’d do with dumbbells.
  • The bar has a 360* rotation for smooth natural motion. You can train from any angle. It also has easy-grip padding for comfort
  • Strong heavy-duty metals which can withstand over 500lbs.
  • Non-latex, soft scrunchy cable covers which prevent friction from your skin and hair 
  • Supportive footpads. They are soft and comfortable to stand on, protecting your joints from unnecessary wear.
  • Non-slip rubber spacer prevents the base from slipping and protects your floor from damages. 


  • Item dimension-  20.1L x 15.9W x 2.8L
  • Item weight- 15 pounds 

Items included

  • Instruction manual and visuals
  • Durable accessories carrying bag
  • Fold up VectorFit base, withstands up to 500 pounds of force
  • 1 set of 2 handles
  • Collapsible workout bar
  • 1 set of 2 wrist/ankle straps
  • 1 set of 2 custom cloth resistance bands
  • Door anchor with a ring. 


  • Comes equipped with a travel bag to carry all your accessories 
  • Very light as it only weighs 15 pounds
  • Easy to adjust for different exercises and resistance levels
  • Suitable for everyone, regardless of your exercise skills
  • 1-year warranty
  • Can be stored easily as it folds in half. 


  • No band can offer smooth even resistance of weights. 


The body boss 2.0 Home Gym is a piece of versatile and portable equipment that supports a variety of exercises. If you like working out while traveling, then this is your best option. 

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training

TRX is a form of suspension training where you use your body weight to work your muscles. This all-in-one suspension training provides you with everything you need to have a healthy workout anywhere. With an easy-to-use system, you won’t have excuses to skip a workout. 


  • Single anchor point which promotes easy setup and versatility, unlike dual anchors
  • The locking loop maximizes workout effectiveness without the risk of slipping.
  • Integrated handles and foot pedals- built for comfort and durability. They are designed for standing and floor-based exercises
  • Flexible and durable straps made from nylon with metal components-  you can alter them depending on how high or the distance away from the anchor.
  • The suspension band is versatile and compact. It only weighs 2 pounds and it comes with a convenient carry bag.
  • Mesh travel pouch for ultimate portability. 
  • Free TRX app to generate higher intensity. 


  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Item dimensions- 53L x 1.5W x 6H
  • Maximum user weight- 350 pounds 

Included items 

  • TRX carrying bag
  • 65-minute basic training DVD
  • TRX Suspension Training P2 model
  • Full-color 35-page workout
  • TRX metabolic blast bonus workouts
  • TRX endurance circuit
  • TRX door anchor


  • It is easy to assemble 
  • Takes up little space
  • Develops balance and stability
  • Uses the user’s body for weight so there’s no need of buying extra equipment.
  • The system is beginner-friendly. You can move at your pace without pressure. 


  • Suitable for skilled exercisers
  • Improper performance can cause serious injury
  • The band can be costly in comparison to other equipment. 


Once you begin working out with TRX suspension trainers, there’s no going back.  If you want the benefits of suspension training at home, the TRX ALL-IN-ONE is your best shot. With a proper trainer to guide you during your initial process, the developments are usually fast and noticeable. A 45-minute session is as effective as working out in a regular gym. 


While Total Gym is a reputable brand in home and fitness equipment, there are some of its best alternatives. As shown in this article, all five Total Gym alternatives have their share of advantages and disadvantages. 

I hope this article has given you all the information you need on the best alternatives. When choosing your best alternative, ensure you keep the price, your level of fitness and your fitness needs in mind.