Quiet Treadmill for Apartments

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Space saving


Easy to store away



  • Easy to store away
  • It is super quiet
  • You can adjust treadmill speed


  • It doesn't have a fan
Quiet treadmill for apartments
Best quiet treadmill for apartments

If you are like me, I am sure you hate having your exercise at the gym. The noises at the gym are among the reasons most people opt to exercise at home. This is where the Quiet treadmill for apartments come in. According to research, you enjoy a peaceful, almost reflective mood that can be attained while running. Using a treadmill at home gives you a great feeling,  but a loud treadmill can bother neighbors and family members. 

We want to help you enjoy your exercises at home. That is why we are going to share with you these quiet treadmills for apartments. Read on to learn more if you are looking to enjoy a quiet exercise. But first read about the things to keep in mind when purchasing one.



NordicTrack T Series Treadmills, 6.5S & 6.5Si Models
300 lb weight capacity
Quiet Treadmill for Apartments 1 Quiet Treadmill for Apartments
  • Suitable for running

  • Foldable

  • Unlimited training options

  • 10 inches touchscreen 

  • Bluetooth available

  • 10 MPH speed

Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill

250 lb weight capacity
Quiet Treadmill for Apartments 2 Quiet Treadmill for Apartments

  • 49.6" long x 18.1" wide belt treadmill dimensions 

  • For walking and office use

  • Powerful motor

  • 4.5 inches step up height

  • 2 MPH speed

Horizon T101 Go Series Treadmills

300 lb weight capacity
Quiet Treadmill for Apartments 3 Quiet Treadmill for Apartments

  • Bluetooth enabled

  • Speakers and USB port

  • Tracks workout progress

  • Foldable

  • Dimensions 70" x 34" x 55"

  • Motor 2.5 Horsepower

  • 20" x 55" running area 

  • 0.5 - 10 mph SPEED

Nautilus Treadmill Series

300 lb weight capacity
Quiet Treadmill for Apartments 4 Quiet Treadmill for Apartments

  • 20" x 60" running path

  • 26 programs

  • 3.0 CHP motor

  • Bluettoth enabled

  • With speaker and USB

  • Backlit LCD Display

  • 0-12 MPH SPEED

Merax Folding Electric Treadmill

240 lb weight capacity
Quiet Treadmill for Apartments 5 Quiet Treadmill for Apartments

  • 12 preset prigrams

  • 16” wide running tread belt

  • Led Display

  • 1.5 horsepower motor

  • Foldable design

  • 0.8-10KM/H

Things to consider when choosing a quiet treadmill for apartments


The motor of the treadmill is a crucial factor when shopping for a treadmill. That is if you choosing one that will fulfill your need exercise needs. The speed of the motor is the first thing that you should inspect. There those treadmills with motors ideal for walking and others for running. 


You are looking for a quiet treadmill for your apartment since you care about your family members and yourself. The sound of the machine is an essential factor when choosing. You wouldn’t find it enjoyable if the machine makes lots of noise. A treadmill with a low level of sound is a good option for home exercising. 


Well, you don’t want to purchase a machine that you cannot move around when cleaning the room. A lightweight machine is recommended in this case. Keep in mind that heavy machines can also be hazardous. This is especially if they fall on someone. Choose a treadmill that you can easily move to another room or anywhere you want to workout.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

Folding design

How do you keep your machines after use? Do you just leave them there? The space you have in your home will determine the kind of machine you want. For instance, a foldable exercise bike or treadmill will consume less space. You can choose from compact and foldable design machines. It is all about your preference. However, we suggest you choose a foldable design if you live in a small apartment. 

Running space

If you need versatility for movement when working out on your treadmill, you need one with a high surface area. You need an adequate surface for moving so you can enjoy your exercise time walking and running.


Whether you want a compact or a foldable treadmill, it is crucial that you consider the price of the machine. Choose a machine within the price range that you can afford. If you are shopping on a budget, you can good exercise machine for your needs.

Get the new 7.8 treadmill at Horizonfitness.com! Quiet Treadmill for Apartments 6 Quiet Treadmill for Apartments

Stable base

Buying a treadmill doesn’t have to hurt you. You need to enjoy your workout. A stable base will give you peace of mind while exercising. While taking the weight of the machine into consideration, take a machine that has a sturdy base. Such a machine will not wobble while you are exercising. Also, a machine with a stable base should have rubber feet. This will prevent the treadmill from skidding while you workout in your apartment.

5 Quiet treadmill for apartments

There are many treadmill machines in the market. Some are the quietest and others noisy. I did some research and came with a list of the 5 best quiet treadmill for apartments that you should consider. The list is based on the features I shared above. Have a look so you can make an informed decision and pick the quietest treadmill for your home.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills, 6.5S & 6.5Si Models

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills
Quiet Treadmill for Apartments 7 Quiet Treadmill for Apartments
Editor Rating
Features at a glance
  • FlexSelect Cushioning

  • 2.6 CHP

  • 0-10 MPH

  • Bluetooth connection

  • 5-inch Backlit iFit Display

  • Auxiliary Music Port

  • iFit Trial Membership, 30 days free

  • 300 lb weight capacity

  • 10-inch touchscreen 

This is our top treadmill for apartments and it is suitable for anyone looking to enjoy a quiet and comfortable workout. The treadmill features a Bluetooth that lets iFit to instantly modify your treadmill’s pace. It also helps incline to fit the trainer’s suggestions and imitates real-life terrain. The attached tablet holder helps to secure your smartphone or tablet as you carry on with your workout. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about where to keep the gadget.

If you live in a small apartment, this treadmill is for you. It comes with an innovative SpaceSaver design that an EasyList feature. This enables you to fold the treadmill after use. As a result, it makes storing this machine quick and easy. You don’t need a huge space to keep your treadmill thanks to folding design. You can even carry it when going on your trip.

This treadmill comes in two sizes; 10 and 5 inches. This gives you a chance to pick the size that best fits your needs.



Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill

If you work all day stuck in your chair, this is the treadmill for you. Sitting all day can cause harm to your productivity and mood. But you don’t need to experience that anymore. Thanks to this quiet under desk treadmill. Whether you want to work from home or at your office, this treadmill helps you exercise while having all your work done.

With this treadmill, you can work while walking. The base of this machine is of high quality this ensures that you can comfortably work without having to worry about any damages. Also, the motor of this treadmill is ultra-quiet allowing you to work without disturbing your workmates or anyone in the apartment. It has a speed range of 0.5 to 2.0 mph that allows you to have a comfortable walking pace that allows you to handle your work minus sweating.

The treadmill is designed to be used in apartments and has a length of 63 inches. As a result, you will not have issues walking your normal strides. Also, Rebel Treadmill 1000 comes with a small control console that has user-friendly buttons. This allows you to easily track speed, time, and distance. The best thing is that it allows you to keep the stats for around 20 minutes after you finish walking. You don’t have to worry about causing disturbance since you can switch off the console sound. This makes it the best quiet treadmill for apartments.



Horizon T101 Go Series Treadmills

Are you looking for a Bluetooth enabled treadmill for your apartment? If so, this is the super quietest treadmill with Bluetooth that you should try. The improved Bluetooth connectivity of this machine syncs your gadget to the integrated speakers of the treadmill. This ensures that you experience a continuous stream of music.

This treadmill comes with an inbuilt device holder that makes it easy for you to keep your gadgets closer to you. You don’t need to worry about where to place your phone or laptop. This treadmill has you covered. The holder is sturdy and ensures that your gadgets are safe all through your workout period and well located for viewing. 

With this machine, your devices will be powered throughout your workout period thanks to the quick charge USB openings. This treadmill comes with a 2.5 CHP motor that operates at lower RPMs. This helps to reduce minimize noise while increasing efficiency and that is why we chose it as the best quiet treadmill for apartments.



Nautilus Treadmill Series

This is another quiet treadmill for apartments. It comes with a 3.0 CHP engine that provides reliability, great responsiveness and fulfilment for you as you workout. If you don’t have a big space, consider investing in this treadmill. It comes with a SoftDop folding mechanism that lets you to easily move the treadmill and store it away after use. As a result, you don’t need a big space to own this treadmill. 

Apart from that, the Bluetooth connectivity of this treadmill ensures that you can still enjoy your music while exercising. The connectivity also allows you to set and track all your activities using relevant apps. There is also a StrikeZone padding mechanism that ensures you enjoy a smooth run. The Nautilus Treadmill Series is the quiet treadmill for apartments that you should consider.



Merax Folding Electric Treadmill

This treadmill is the last one on our list of the best quiet treadmill for apartments. Unlike other treadmills we have mentioned here, this one is different. It comes with all the needed instructions and tools assembled. All you need is to unfold it and stiffen the screws and free up your floor space as you fold the treadmill. 

The quiet sturdy vacuum motor ensures that you don’t disturb the neighbors as you workout. The transportation wheels make sure that you can effortlessly move the machine from one place to another. 

There is also a 5-inch LED display that helps you to track your progress, heart rate, distance, speed, and calories burned. The inbuilt tablet holder enables you have your tablet next to you work out. Additionally, there are cupholders that ensure you enjoy a cup of water you exercise so you can stay hydrated. 




Having a quiet treadmill for apartments gives you peace of mind when exercising at home. Always make sure that you consider factors such as weight and size before purchasing. If you have a small space, it is also vital that don’t purchase a huge machine that will not fit in your home. Now that you know these best quiet treadmills, it’s time to get one and enjoy your work out.