Best Foldable Exercise Bike for Your Small Apartment

You don’t need to go to the gym for you to exercise. There are several ways and gears you can use to exercise at home and one of them is getting the best foldable exercise bike. The best thing about these type of bikes is that they occupy less space while giving you the advantages of a

For Best Foldable Exercise Bikes
Best folding exercise bikes

self-supporting bike. Even if you live in a small room, you can still train without sacrificing your time.

Another reason why you should a consider a foldable workout bike is because it is lightweight. This makes the bicycle suitable for people who want an exercise tool they can move around the home. Since we know shopping is a challenge for many, here are some of the top picks that we reviewed for you. But first, let’s have a look at the reasons you should get one.

Best foldable exercise bike

Reasons to buy folding exercise bike

Exercise has become a lifestyle among many people in the current. Comfort and accessibility are key when choosing your preferred method of working out. A folding exercise bike is an outstanding choice with a wide variety of features that ensure value for your cash. If you haven’t thought of buying a foldable exercise bike, I will give some reasons to invest in one.


Its folding and lightweight nature ensures easy and unrestricted carriage. You can collapse it to a handy size that saves the hustles and hurdles of moving around with a normal bike.


The peace of mind that comes along with having your bike at an arm’s stretch is one of a kind. You do not have a sudden adrenaline rush of a robber finding a way with your transportation means. Talk of being thief-proof.

Value for Money

Investment! This bike is an investment. You can exercise on it for long with less worry about repair and maintenance. All you need is tires well pumped, chain oiled and lights charged in case you are riding into the evenings. Most if not all of the foldable bikes, have high resale value for when you no longer need it or are seeking an upgrade. Therefore a loss is impractical as they hold their value even as time passes by.

Space Saving

If you are an adventurous health cautious self, you need to look no further. This is perfect and will fit in your car trunk during that weekend getaway. You can catch the bus too alongside your bike when need be.


The basic reason as to why many people opt to cycle is to keep their health in check as well. What is more to life than getting to where you are needed and having that daily exercise done? Nothing, I can guarantee you.

Convenient Usage

It is way much easier to learn cycling this beauty compare to learning your way around a car. The only bit that does not come naturally is in learning the art of folding and unfolding which is quick to learn.

It is a Social Instrument

You are riding to work on a usual day and you meet a fellow cycle mate, you strike a conversation on what their cycling experience is like. There you have it; you make one new friend that the concentration of driving your car on the road cannot allow.

Classy Feeling

Owning not a normal bike is having some little bit of class outside the norm. You get to arrive at your destination and perform the collapsible magic at the awe of some who are new to the folding exercise bike.

Environmental Friendly

It is a good option to carbon-emitting vehicles as its fuel free means of powering ensure no emissions of any kind. We conserve the environment with these folding bikes.

Variety of Options

They come in different sizes and shapes that fit different user preferences.

A folding exercise bike is a great exercising machine as well as a commuting bike. Its admirable merits will help narrow down your choice to the bike of your dreams. Happy purchase on your best folding exercise bike.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Bike

Let’s begin the review with this bike from Exerpeutic. If your reason to exercise is to lose weight, this is the bike for. It has a large seat and allows you to adjust it so it can fit your size. This means the bike is ideal for users of all sizes. It supports up to 300 lb weight capacity. And that is why it is the best foldable exercise bike.


Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

If you are looking to have different levels of exercise, this is one of the folding exercise bikes you should buy. The manufacturer of this Marcy upright bike included a manually adjustable resistance to ensure you have different levels of exercise.

There are eight preset degrees of magnetic friction button that will allow you to set to mimic different kinds of exercises based on the endurance. It makes you feel as if you are riding a road bike. Among the reasons why we included this in this list of the best foldable exercise bike, is the padded seat. It ensures you are comfortable as you workout.


Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike

This is another best folding exercise bike from Exerpeutic. Among the many exercise bikes we have reviewed on this website, this Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS seems to stand out from the rest. It is among the good bikes with Heart Pulse Sensors that help you to track your training progress. 

If you are heavy, this is the bike to consider. This is an exercise bike 400 lbs weight capacity.


Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR

This bike has made it to the best foldable exercise bikes thanks to the awesome features it possesses. Even if this is your first time to train with an exercise bike, you will without any doubt love this bike. The bike does not only fold for easy storage but it also has transportation wheels that make transportation easy.

If you love exercising in different rooms, you will find the wheels useful. Also, it is another exercise bike 400 lb weight capacity that you will love. Let’s have a look at the features before you make that crucial purchase. 

Features of Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR

Best folding exercise bike
Best folding exercise bike


When shopping for a foldable exercise bike it is also good to consider the weight capacity it can support. If you love travelling a lot, get an exercise bike with transport wheels.