Proform 905 cst treadmill reviews

In this exclusive Proform 905 CST treadmill review, I will tell you why this machine is one of the best treadmills that you can use to work out your body. According to research, exercise plays an important role in our health. The best way to have a regular workout in this busy life is to purchase the quietest treadmill for apartments. If you have been searching for a good treadmill for all your workouts, I have you covered. Before you read those Proform 905 CST treadmill reviews on Amazon, I want to share everything you need to know about this workout machine.

Proform 905 CST treadmill review

Proform 905 cst treadmill reviews 1 Proform 905 cst treadmill reviews
Key Features
  • 61L x 37W x 79H inches

  • 3.0 CHP motor

  • Foldable steel frame

  • 5-inch backlit display 

  • Dual 2-inch speakers

  •  Pre-programmed 30 workouts

  • Inbuilt tablet holder

  • CoolAire fan

  • EKG Grip Pulse Sensor, chest sytrap included

  • 350 lb weight capacity

Proform 905 CST treadmill review

The first thing you do when going shopping is to get a machine that will give you value for your money. That is what this treadmill does exactly for you.  If you enjoy running, you will find this Proform 905 CST treadmill as the best for running. But if you love walking, consider picking a different Proform treadmill like 505 CST

Why purchase this treadmill?

If you are having doubts about this machine, I will give you the reason to invest in it. It has many features that make it stand out from the rest. 

Weight capacity

Apart from being the most affordable, this machine can support a maximum user weight capacity of 350 lb. Therefore, if you are heavy, there is no need to look elsewhere. This Proform Fitness treadmill has your weight covered. 


I’m sure you want to get the most out of your workout. The maker of this machine knows that well. This machine has a speed of 12 mph so you can have fun running at the comfort of your home. This speed, together with the incline feature that this machine provides, you can be sure to change intensities.

iPod-compatible audio

Do you want to run at your own speed? If so, this is the best treadmill to give you that experience. This 905 CST treadmill allows you to quickly connect your MP3 player or iPod to its inbuilt sound system. As a result, you run according to the beats while you enjoy your music.  

20 by 60 inches tread belt

Your size doesn’t matter when it comes to this treadmill. The treadmill comes with a 20 x 60 inches tread belt that helps to make your indoor workout experience as comfortable as you envisioned. The spacious roomy deck fit is suitable for runners of all sizes.

Folding design

Do you live in a small apartment? If so, this is the treadmill for small apartments. The space-saving folding design that this machine has makes it easy to store as it can occupy less space. All you need is to fold the treadmill and keep it away. 

Inbuilt tablet holder

Don’t miss your favorite program while having a workout. The Proform 905 CST treadmill comes with an inbuilt holder for your tablet. You can continue watching your favorite show as you run. 

For Proform 905 cst treadmill review

5-inch backlit display

Whether you are exercising in dim light or not, you can still continue to track your progress. The display is backlit so you can see your speed, time, heart rate, calories burned, and mileage in dim lights.


One of the worst cases that can happen during a treadmill workout is having some discomfort or knee injury. The maker of the machine had your comfort in mind and he added ProShox cushioning to the treadmill to assist absorb the impact and also support the knees and joints as you train. This ensures that you have a comfortable training session. 

Chest strap

If all you want is to monitor your heart rate while training, you will love this treadmill by Proform. It features a chest strap that lets you have precise heart rate monitoring as compared to the EKG pulse detectors. As a result, you get to remain in the focused heart rate zone for improved results. Keep in mind, the chest strap is wireless so it will not cause any disturbance during your workout.

Fan for cooling

That sweat from your workout will not interfere with your workout again. This machine comes with an inbuilt CoolAire exercise fan that helps you to stay cool and fresh throughout your workout session. Apart from the fan, you can stay hydrated and cool thanks to the water-bottle holder. Keep your water close to avoid dehydration. 




As you have noticed, this treadmill has everything you need to have a comfortable and enjoyable workout. The running space is large enough for any athlete. This is the treadmill for heavy people who weigh up to 350 lb. Don’t forget this treadmill has a powerful motor that also remains cool throughout your workout. This helps you to have a good workout like never before.

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Proform 905 cst treadmill reviews 2 Proform 905 cst treadmill reviews
Key Features
  • 61”H x 36.5”W x 73.5”D

  • 325 lb weight capacity

  • Speed is 0-10 MPH

  • 2.5hp motor

  • Transport wheels

  • Deck cushioning

  • Heart rate sensor

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  • Huge LCD screen

  • Transport wheels

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  • 275 lb weight capacity

  • 16 resistance levels 

  • Adjustable straps 

  • Heart rate pulse handles