Exercise pedals for elderly

Senior citizens spend much time sitting. Exercising becomes stressful for them and a disturbance. But there is a good way to exercise without feeling stressed. Exercise pedals for elderly help any senior citizen to have an enjoyable workout and all the comfort while at his home. As you grow old, your body becomes fragile and that means you can easily get hurt if you use the wrong machine to exercise. It’s even harder to engage in activities you enjoyed a few years back. But that is different when you have the best pedal exerciser at your disposal.

Exercise pedals for elderly

With such a machine as a senior, you will enjoy a low impact and safe workout that will help to enhance joint mobility, blood circulation, cardiovascular wellness, as well as muscle tone. The good thing with pedal exercisers is that you can use it anywhere, at your home or office. If you are a senior looking to have the best pedal exerciser for elderly, I got your back. Check out these best exercise pedals for elderly and make an informed decision.

Pedal Exerciser
Notable Features
Editor Rating
Exercise pedals for elderly 1 Exercise pedals for elderly
  • Comes preassembled

  • Foldable

  • Adjustable tension and foot straps

  • Use with or without shoes

  • Pedal backward or forward

  • Lightweight

Exercise pedals for elderly 2 Exercise pedals for elderly
  • Non-skid foot pads

  • Sleek chrome finish

  • Fully Preassembled

  • Wraparound foot straps

  • Lightweight  with 5 lbs

  • Exercises both uppe and lower body

Exercise pedals for elderly 3 Exercise pedals for elderly
  • Large screen display for tracking progress

  • Adjustable resistance level

  • Exerciser manual

  • Compact design

  •  Non-slip rubber feet

  • adjustable toe loops

Exercise pedals for elderly 4 Exercise pedals for elderly
  • Compact lightweight design

  • Velcro strap

  • Easily accessible tension control knob

  • Suitable for disabled and seniors

  • It weights 5 pounds

Best Exercise Pedals for Elderly

CanDo Assembled Pedal Exerciser


Exercise pedals for elderly 5 Exercise pedals for elderly
Cando Fold Up Preassembled Pedal Exercise,11″ X 22″ X 17″,Each,#10-0718 – $33.99

from: Health Products For You

This is the first pedal exerciser on our list. Even if you have little muscle control, you will not have difficulty using this exerciser. Also if you are looking to have both lower and upper body workouts, this is the best pedal exerciser to use. The exerciser comes with a modifiable tension knob that helps to adjust the resistance from easy to clearly hard.

This is the best exercise peddler for small apartments thanks to its fold up design. The design lets you fold this machine for storage when you are not using it.

Apart from that, this pedal comes with flexible foot bands so you can use it with or minus footwear. Therefore, you don’t have to put on shoes every time you are using this device.

Also, the modifiable bands come with two settings to allow you to pedal backwards and forward. CanDo Assembled Pedal Exerciser can be used on the table or on the floor. This is because it has 4 flat-bottom rubber feet that are 11 inches wide apart and help to maintain this pedal exerciser steady on the table or floor. Thus you will not worry about slipping and this makes this machine suitable for the elderly. When it comes to assembly, this saves you time as it comes preassembled.




This pedal exerciser makes it to the top of the list because it is the best exerciser for rehab. It also can be used on the side of the bed or while seated. That is why it is the pedal exerciser for seniors. The pedal exerciser features non-skid footpads that ensure the exerciser machine stays stable on the surface. 

If you are looking to have resistive exercises for your lower and upper body, this is the one for you. Chattanooga Standard Pedal Exerciser weighs only 5 lb making it lightweight so you can take it anywhere you wish to use it. 

The sleek chrome finish gives this exercise peddler creates a cool, bright, and stylish look. Therefore, this machine matches every decor. 



Vive Pedal Exerciser

Do you love tracking your workout progress? If yes, you’ve found the best pedal exerciser for seniors. It features a large LCD screen display that shows you the speed, RPM, calories burned, and distance with only a single click. The display is easy to access while you are working out. If you want to have a customized work out, Vive Pedal Exerciser is all you need to achieve that. It comes with an easily adjustable level of resistance to ensure you have a customized experience. 

This makes it the perfect machine for low impact workout for beginners, and ideal for use after surgery or injury. Its low profile form maintains this pedal exerciser for elderly from shaking and sliding when you are using it. Every pedal features a non-slip surface with flexible toe rings for extra safety and comfort. This exercise pedal can fit beneath a desk because it features 12.5 inches high.  

Even if you are a senior citizen now, I know you don’t want to take away the shoes you love just to use a pedal exercise. Well, this one will give you that freedom. It comes with non-slip pedal bars that support all types of shoes. There are also toe loops that ensure you have a secure fit as you workout.




Exercise pedals for elderly 7 Exercise pedals for elderly
Carex Pedal Exerciser,Pedal Exerciser,Each,Fgp552000000

Whether you are elderly or disabled or want to exercise in your office, Carex Pedal Exerciser is everything you need. It has a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to take it anywhere you want to use. This pedal exerciser comes with a tension dial knob located conveniently to allow for a wide range of pedal resistance. As a result, you get a progressive workout program.

If you are worried about your safety or the elderly you are purchasing this for, there is no need to worry. This exerciser features velcro straps that securely hold the feet on the pedals. That is why it is one of our best exercise pedals for elderly. The exercise pedal can fit on top of the table or under your desk so you can enjoy your workout at the office. 



This is our last recommendation on the best exercise pedals for seniors. This pedal features rubber feet that help it to stay stable on the ground as you enjoy your workout.

The wide spread leg is another feature that makes this the best exercise pedals for elderly . If you are looking to have both lower and upper body workout, this is the fitness equipment that you should purchase. 

The good thing about this machine is that you can use it on the tabletop when you want to have a good cardiovascular exercise. If you still work at the office, you have it under the desk so you can enjoy the exercise even as you do the workout. There is also a know at the exerciser's top that you can use to easily adjust the resistance of this machine. 

This pedal exerciser for seniors is made up of a chrome-plated coating and steel interior parts that give it a good look and the same time making it lightweight. You can take this peddler wherever you wish to use it. 




A good regular workout is all you need to stay healthy. You don’t have to go to a field to exercise your muscles. Get one of these exercise pedals for seniors and have fun as you keep fit.