Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Editor's Review

Easy to move







  • Easy to store
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable


  • Not suitable for short people

This is an upright bike that is also foldable. It is an exceptional option for cardio exercise. That is why we saw it wise to spend a few minutes to write this Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Review.

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Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike Review

Features explained

Adjustable resistance

If you are looking to have different levels of exercise, this is one of the folding exercise bikes you should buy. The manufacturer of this Marcy upright bike included a manually adjustable resistance to ensure you have different levels of exercise. There are eight preset degrees of magnetic friction button that will allow you to set to mimic different kinds of exercises based on the endurance. It makes you feel as if you are riding a road bike. Sounds good, right?

Counterbalanced pedals

This folding exercise bike comes with counterbalanced pedals that have flexible foot straps. They are suitable for ensuring that your exercises are comfortable and secure. This bike guarantees your workouts without injuries.

Padded seat

The exercise bike also features a modifiable foam-filled seat that helps to offer you stress-free cycling. The seats are comfortable to use for extended periods so you can enjoy your workouts. With this upright exercise bike, you can be sure to burn fat and also make the muscles of your legs strong.

LCD Panel

Apart from that, this workout bike from Marcy features an LCD panel that is easy to read. It displays various variables associated with your exercise from distance, speed, calories torched to time. You can use the interface you plan your exercise and track your progress. You can plan per flash pedaling or distance training. This way you will know if you are achieving the desired results or not.


Rubberized foot

Designing a room takes time and money and we wouldn’t want you to destroy it in an instant. The manufacturer of this folding exercise bike added rubber foot bases. They help to avoid scratching of your floors when you push the bicycle across your room. This means regardless of the floor, you can drag your bicycle to any room and use it. This also makes movement easy.

Strong construction

One thing that you will love about this bike is that it has a strong construction and lasting gloss finish that is able to endure your every workout routines.

Foldable design

I’m sure you are looking to buy this bicycle because maybe you have limited space in your apartment. Well, this bike has you covered. It has a design that enables it to fold compactly. The advanced frame of the bike makes storing and moving the bike easy. Due to the folding design, you get to save more space. In fact, foldable bikes are easy to store away and suitable for small apartments.

Adjustable height

Have you been looking for a bike that matches your height without success? This might be your bike because the height is adjustable and thus making it suitable for all users of different sizes.



• It is comfortable to exercise on for extended hours
• The bike is suitable for all user heights
• The LCD panel is easy to read
• It allows you to monitor and plan your workout
• The bike is durable
• This bike is easy to move around
• It does not scratch the surface thanks to the rubberized foot base
• It occupies less space since it is foldable
• Strengthens your muscles
• The bike is moveable
• Easy to assemble

• Although I couldn’t find so much bad on this bike, I found out that the seat is a bit uncomfortable

What others say about Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

While conducting research to share more on our Marcy foldable exercise bike review, we find out that many people were happy with this bike. However, some expressed their dissatisfaction on the seat height as it felt uncomfortable. But to some, the height was fine. But it is one of the top exercise bikes for people who want to make their muscles strong.


We complete our Marcy Exercise Bike review with a word that it is one of the best and affordable workout bikes you can buy. It is not only movable but your floors will remain the same regardless of how hard you drag the bike across.  Therefore, this is one of the best foldable exercise bike we would recommend to anyone.