How to Start Exercising When You are Obese

Do you know that exercising can return your weight back to normal? Being an obese person is when you have a high intake of calories in your body. When you are overweight, it’s difficult for you to start exercising. How should an obese person start exercising? This is the question most people ask. In this post, I will show you how to start exercising when you are obese.

While the ideas we are about to share are practical, it will not be easy to reduce weight if you fail to observe the correct procedure. Read below to find out more. 

N/B: This information should at no point replace a doctor’s advice

How to Start Exercising When You are Obese

How should an obese person start exercising has been the question most people struggling with weight issues ask. Follow these tips and you will never regret it.

Set an obtainable goal 

You can start with a simple and practical goal for your workout. You should know where, when, and how long you are going to exercise. For example, decide if you will spend 5 to 10 minutes on a treadmill training. It would be best if you stay consistent with whatever you choose that will work for you. 

Mark the calendar for your workout appointment so that you do not miss even a single day. This will ensure that your mind is always prepared for the workout and you stay active all throughout.

Get the right equipment. 

When training, you need to be comfortable and also enjoy yourself. Make sure you get the best shoes for exercising. The shoes need to fit you well and offer good support as you workout. Also, consider getting exercise attire that fits you well. Having this would be a great help to your set. It might be challenging to get good workout attire that fits obese people. But don’t worry, you can visit retailers around your area or check out these one here.

Choose clothes and shoes that you are comfortable with when training, that could motivate you more. We recommend you go for the cushioning and extra support shoe for the overweight person. To avoid swelling of your feet, use the appropriate jelly when training for the casual shoe. 

As for the machines, you may use the exercise equipment 500 lb weight capacity as they can support your weight. However, the type of exercise machine you choose depends on your weight and the type of exercise you are doing. You may search online for the best exercise equipment for obese people. Most of the time, a quiet treadmill is great for the task.

Start slow 

Since you are overweight, you need to slowly start to exercise. Overdoing this may end up frustrating you and lose morale to continue. Therefore, as an obese beginner you might forget about running for the first few weeks. This is a common mistake some of the obese people experience starting to exercse. This makes it harder for them and they give up later. Make sure you avoid this.

Starting simple by doing things like walking, will encourage you more to avoid overtraining. Walking can result in low impact and strengthen your exercise habit. For overweight people starting with walking a few kilometers a day can reduce your weight. This is the best exercise for obese beginners at home. You can try yourself by starting walking 1 to 2 kilometers every morning or evening then increasing with time. 

Find someone to workout.

Let not the question of how to start exercising when you are obese stop you from training. You can ask your friend to workout with you. Your partner can assist you in checking your progress. Getting someone to motivate and assist you get your body shape back to normal is essential. 

But if you don’t feel comfortable with some people around you, choose the trainer who will take you through. The best trainer will be there for you anytime for your fitness. You cannot encourage yourself, thus why you need a motivator. Getting someone to hold your hand is significant since he or she will give you the correct guideline. And that’s how to start exercising when you are obese person.

Mind your joints 

As an overweight person, the body joints are essential to check. Once you begin your exercise, make sure you look for the joints, such as knees, hips, and ankles. You can go to the pool to exercise with your instructor. If you decide to take 10 minutes walking in water, it could help your joints to become more vigorous, then go ahead. 

Get checked 

Do you know that running is the most common sport some of the obese people start with exercising? It puts extra stress in your muscle if you do not do it right. Make sure you visit the doctor to check if you are fit to exercise before you start running. 

Experts recommend that you do not overdo running. Ask your doctor to tell you some of the limitations that may apply to you. It’s essential to get the correct information before starting. The doctor’s advice could help you to achieve your goal of losing weight faster. 

Find something you enjoy doing

As an obese individual, you need to get more advice on how should an obese person start exercising. But the best thing is to do what you love doing. If you do not have an idea, that could be difficult for you. Since you need to know what kind of exercise will work out for you, Do not apply exercise because other friends told you. Choose what you enjoy doing. Once you recognize what you are passionate at, then you are free to start training. 

\Other obese people prefer running as the best option. Remember whatever works for you might not work for everyone. Focus on your mindset, and that will help you achieve better results since you are a beginner. Emphasize most on what you can do and build from there. Maybe you are interested in getting your fitness at the gym, visiting one in your area, and enjoy the environment. 

We recommend that you do not focus on what discourages you, but on what you believe you can do better than other obese people. If you check for the traditional exercises, there are various options of activity you can start to build your body weight with time. 

Add the smart strength training

We recommend starting strength training in the upper body only. Push up on the wall, moving almost the muscles in your upper body. It would help if you move your push up on the floor. Placing your hands on the bench at the gym may help you to strengthen your body. 

When you start a strength training routine, this is where choosing the right weight comes in now. As a beginner, choose a lightweight dumbbell first. If you can finish that and feel comfortable, then select heavier ones later.

You can see your progress in a mirror around you, but do not rush. The slow-motion will help you gain more muscle and keep you safe. With time you will notice some changes in your body weight. The best way you can start with: Lowering down your elbow at 90 degrees and pushing your hand to your shoulder could reduce your weight.  

Strengthen your core

Did you know that a stronger core is vital for your posture? You can start anywhere, on the floor, put your hands and knees on the table position. You can get started cushioned your knee on the mat. Therefore, you need to engage your belly button in your spine since that will help you reduce weight. Try to hold out for at least 10 to 20 minutes releasing, repeat the same procedure again and again. When you are on the knee, try to walk your hands forward to straighten your line. 

If you don’t hire a trainer, you can look for the gym staff to show you how to adjust training equipment. 

Watch the intensity 

How should an obese person start exercising should not be a mind-boggling question. Once you start training and get a quick response, that could help you to adapt training. You are looking to hit that spot, but some people will not tell you the best speed on the treadmill. Start running for yourself and see the result that comes out. 

If you start making your sweat hurt your knee, that could be an essential result and achievement of your health. Move slowly to get results that will satisfy you rather than go faster and quit at the end. Moving with a purpose that could hit at least five or seven could be significant. 

Group exercise training 

Worldwide is estimated that almost 13% of adults have obese, then choose a class that deals with overweight alone. When you attend group classes, you can easily find friends but look for the class that meets all your needs. Connecting to different obese people can encourage you to keep working. 

It’s advisable to take overweight classes and check if the instructor moves the pace of your standard, if not look for another one. Your relationship with the instructor also matters for your exercise. Apart from visiting the class regularly, you can also watch online training. You can ask any question on the online community that will help you reduce your body weight. 

Fight the chafe

When exercising, you can get a mix of sweat with your clothing. This may irritate your skin, but that should stop you from training. Suppose you need to avoid chafing when training, apply jelly to your body that could assist you. Make sure you use jelly before starting training. 


How should an obese person start exercising? You now know the answer to that. The above information is essential for obese people. You can choose to pick some of the exercises that you are comfortable with and leave the rest. 

You need to feel safe when exercising to support your workout session. You can reduce your weight by a greater percentage if you follow the above list. Some of the obese users satisfied with walking as a starting point. And that How to Start Exercising When You are Obese.