Diamondback 510sr Review

For anyone new to the world of fitness, choosing the right exercise bike is not easy. We spent much of the time researching to come up with the best exercise bike you should try today. In this article, you will get to understand all about the Diamondback 510SR before shopping in the marketplace. 

The 16 increase of this machine’s resistance allows you to increase fitness intensity with the 20-workout package. It functions perfectly for the single resistance. But if you are looking for the double one, we recommend you check out 910 Sr recumbent bike.

 Diamondback 510SR Review

Is this bike good for back pain?

 Diamondback 510SR helps relieve the lower back pain pressure and erases the high impact of the cardio-based workout. The machine promises to offer you a permanent home fitness tool that is easy to use. It displays the tone of the work out data, magazine track, and transport wheel. 

It allows multiple users the ease of adjustable lower back support. The machine seat and backlink cut the strain in the back of the minimal effect on your knee. 

Diamondback 510SR can work correctly to people suffering from joint pain, foot pain, and back pain. With recline, it feels suitable for all. The use of console makes reading easy allows you to track crucial information on your workout display.

Machine bike designed with the multi-speed fan that assists you in keeping fresh. It also folds out tablet track enabling you to browse your song.  This exercise bike is affordable with quality. If you have any doubts, read more on our 510SR Recumbent Bike review below. We encourage you to take the chance of testing one.

Diamondback 510SR Features

Why Buy Diamondback 510SR Bike?

If you are still not sure about whether to buy the 510SR recumbent bike or not, don’t worry. Below, we have provided you with some of the benefits you will get from using this machine.


I think this is an important feature when looking to purchase any product in the market. You have to check the warranty duration. The quality of the machine will depend on the warranty. The longer the period, the higher the quality of the device.

The bike is sold with a lifetime limitation of the frame and brake option: 3 years electronic and part, one year’s labor and 90 days item warranty. You will benefit from all that once you purchase this product.

20 workout programs

I am sure this is the generous selection of the workout to select. This recumbent exercise bike comes with 20 workout programs that help your fitness. Despite the affordability, we have another recumbent bike that offers twice the price of this machine. But still, they do not provide many programmed workouts like this.

It comes with a quickset key that makes the beginning of the program easy and fast. The workout will offer you with the preset speed and resistance level that control heart rate. So, if you are a beginner, you can adjust the program effectively.

Maybe you are searching on how you can burn fat, build strength, or climb the hill, and then this program is designed for you. It also targets the rate of the heart zone. It also works well for those people with burning calories and getting heart rate raise.

You can get a 19 preset to select from, but when combined with the QuickStart program, the total number will be 20.

Weight Capacity

The frame of the510SR recumbent bike y Diamondback Fitness is stable and robust. This machine can support the maximum user capacity of the 300 lb. It can work better for the heavyweight people if you have more weight, no need to look for other machines. It will satisfy you since the weight capacity made for people like you and others.

The machine bike is large and heavy; that why it is capable of supporting healthy people. If you are not huge, it can still work for you better. So, the unit does not offer the height limit.

Cooling Fan

The 510SR recumbent bike console comes with a cooling fan that assists your determination.  So, the sweat from the workout controlled throughout your exercise. You will also feel crisp and fresh while training.

The adjustable speed will assist you in maintaining your workout more relaxed. You will enjoy your workout since most people don’t like sweating while training and prefer to use Diamondback 510SR because they feel breezing with this machine bike.

Mp3 Port With Speakers

If you are exercising, it is essential to keep your mind fresh. You can connect your phone to the console and enjoy your favorite song with a built-in speaker. If you love listening to music, then this machine has provided you with all that. As you practice, you can listen to different songs of your choice since the device has an mp3 port.

Heart Rate Monitoring System

Do you love to monitor your heart rate while exercising? Then you will like this recumbent exercise bike. It comes with a heart rate sensor that placed on the handlebars of the machine. Therefore, it will assist you in getting the result of your heart rate.

The pulse signal displayed on the console provides the outcome when you hold a grip on the sensors. All the data information collected on your pulse can be castoff for the heart rate program. You will also maintain your focus as you train.

Adjustable Set

If your height is tall or short, don’t worry about Diamondback 510SR balanced both heights. The back seat made to move forward and backward, up and down. So, it can fit your height. We all enjoy setting comfortable while training; that is why you can adjust your settings in a comfortable position.

So, if you are short, you might also be lucky using this bike, but it will leave you at the end of the spectrum. Make yourself comfortable as you train fitness with Diamondback 510SR.  The seat is adjustable even if you are above 6 feet you can enjoy using this machine.


If you don’t like noise, then this machine could be what you are looking to buy. It works quietly. You can even hear no sound when you are training on it. However, you might get little whirling sounds when the resistance change. But it works silently not to disturb your people around you in the room. You can listen to the radio or watch your tv without any disruptions when you are training.

Display Type and Readout

The backlink portion of the display is made clear for you to see through it. Some customers complained that the light might not be enough for the darkroom.  But it still functions properly.

Some of the consoles you can use are as follow:

  • Total time: Indicates the elapses time counting as you start training. The display will show time in 5 seconds then changes to the total remaining of the time. During your exercise, it will change only two times automatically.
  • Confrontation: You can select between 16 levels of resistance. It is effortless you essential to go for the mode resistance than use down and up button until you get to level you are looking.
  • Watts: This used to show the energy generation from your workout. Mostly you can use in the fitness industry and further progress.
  • Matrix display: You will change to know the fighting level and period internal. It works the same as the most workout machines.
  • Distance: You can see your traveling distance in either kilometers or miles.
  • Foldout magazine rack

  •  It has an adjustable handlebar angle

  • The support and seat of the Diamondback 510SR are relaxed and well designed

  •  It is steady and sturdy. Most of the user has experienced it and used for a long time deprived of any issue

  •  The machine is quiet and runs smoothly. It cannot stop other activities from going on.

  • The console of the bike is backlit, which means you can see it even in the dark

  • A built-in one media also included in Diamondback 510SR

  • The LCD allows you to view all of your workout statistics.

  •  You are not allowed to recline the seat on the exercise bike

  • There are no 'off' switch on the bike, and the vast power supply attractions a significant amount of power even if it has not plugged in

  • The unit takes a long time to assemble due to its significant in size

  • If you are shorter, the height of the console may hinder you from in front


Of course, there are many exercise bikes on the market, but you can also try Diamondback 510SR. This machine will work well for heavy people of about 300lb weight. You can adjust to the comfortable position that you enjoy while exercising. It will assist you more than any other machine you had used before. Check out all the information above before purchasing.