Best Exercise Bike for Short Person That Has Sturdy Pedals

Exerpeutic 400XL folding bike | Editor's Choice


Adjustable seat


Sturdy pedals





  • It is has a large seat
  • Provides a quiet operation
  • Easy to read display


  • The display uses lots of power

It is usually not easy to find a good exercise bike for short person. When you are tall, people keep staring at you whenever you walk around. The same case applies to people who are short. Well, the pain doesn’t end there. You may go shopping and spot a good exercise bike only to realize it is not up to your height.

Short people find it hard to ride huge exercise bicycles. The best way to get a good bike for a person with short legs is to find a bicycle that is adjustable or small.

Best Exercise Bike for Short Person

Being short or tall does not mean you will not enjoy the activities people with

For exercise bike for short person
Exercise Bike reviews

normal height enjoy. Actually, the manufacturers of bicycles thought about this and most of the bicycles have modifiable seats. You can lower or raise the seat to match your height.

There are also those that have seats that you can move forward. Another feature you should look out for on a good exercise bike for short person is the pedals. They should be sturdy and have a non-slip surface. It might also help to find a bike that has inbuilt exercise programs.

Key features of exercise bike for short person

  • Adjustable seat
  • Sturdy pedals
  • Inbuilt programs
  • Stability
  • Durability

These are just some of the key features you should look out for when shopping for a workout bicycle for a short person.

Editor’s Choice 

Exerpeutic 400XL folding bike

This is among the best bikes you can get for exercising especially when you are short. The bike is foldable and this only means it is easy to store. If you have limited space, this could be the bike for you. The Exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike has a semi-recumbent design that is responsible for ensuring that you can easily get in and out of the bike.

Apart from that, this bike from Exerpeutic comes with a large LCD screen that is effortless to read. The display allows you to see the distance time, calories torched, speed, pulse, and scan.

The best stuff about this bike is that it has hand vibration sensors located on the grip bars that help to target the heart rate zone. The maker of this bike did not stop there he ensured that there is a backrest for users of different sizes and also a huge seat pad. This ensures that you are comfortable even as you exercise.

The seat is adjustable and can fit users of 5ft 2’ to 6ft 2’. Additionally, the bicycle has eight-level magnetic tension mechanism that lets you adjust the level of the tension so you can have a difficult or easy training.

The Good

  • It is easy to get in and out
  • The bike allows you to adjust the tension level
  • It is comfortable
  • The seat is huge
  • Easy to read display
  • It stays stable
  • It operates quietly
  • Large and sturdy pedals with protection bands
  • Best folding exercise bike for short person

The bad

  • While I did not find much on this side, the display uses lots of power and that means the battery gets drained fast.

2nd Best for short person

Marcy me 709

This is another bike for short people that you might want to buy. The bike comes with eight levels of resistance. First, you need to know this is one of the stationary bikes that use a magnetic resistance system with eight friction stages. With this bike, you will have the tension controls regulating the difficulty to mimic cycling on various grounds. You will also be able to customize your exercise based on your level of fitness.  Also, Marcy me 709 features a computer display that serves as an odometer.

In addition to that, the screen has a clear panel that displays the speed, calories torched, time, and distance. They are all displayed in large digits so you can easily ready. We had earlier mentioned the features to take into consideration. Well, the maker of Marcy me 709 had that in mind. The seat of this bike is padded well to offer you the comfort you need to exercise for long hours.

The handles are covered with foam to offer you added support to your arms and back. The design of this bike is geared towards ensuring that you keep a fit form while training.

There are also balanced brakes that are created to offer maximum support to the foot as well as ultimate control. The foot straps are modifiable to make a good fit for the feet. If you have bad knees, consider this exercise bike. 

The Good

  • Flexible foot bands
  • Offers maximum support to your foot
  • The handles are comfortable
  • The display is easy to read
  • The seat is well padded
  • Flexible resistance
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is the best recumbent exercise bike for short person

The Bad

  • The only thing I did not like about this bike is that the holes of the seat pad that of the backrest board do not follow the seat post.
Marcy me 709 exercise bike
Marcy me 709 exercise bike

3rd Best for short person

Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

This is one of the exercise bikes that give you enjoyment and makes you forget you are a short person. The bike features twenty stages of regulated resistance that help to give you a wide range of exercise intensity options. We are in the technological world and the maker of this machine knows that very well.

The Schwinn 130 has a number of technology features. One of them is the goal track features that enable you to set personal workout goals like the time, calories burnt, and the distance.

Apart from that, this bike has two DualTrack LCD screens that help to give you more visibility to goal tracking and programs. This ensures that you have a satisfactory workout. The high-speed passivity drive operation ensures that you enjoy stress-free start-ups and steady, silent exercises all through.

The seats of this Schwinn 130 are padded and contoured and have a post to ensure you have stress-free seat change. You will still enjoy your music even as you exercise because the bike has a USB port for charging your phone or music players.

The Good

  • It is angle adjustable
  • The bike is suitable for short people
  • The seats are comfortable to use for extended periods of exercising since they are padded
  • Helps you track your goals
  • Easy assembly
  • USB port for charging your devices such as phones
  • Has an attractive design
  • Increases your visibility
  • The seat is large
  • It is stable

The bad

  • The only thing I did not like about this bike is the fact that the display doesn’t have a backlight.
Schwinn 130 upright bike
Schwinn 130 upright bike

Nautilus U614 Upright Bike

This bike from Nautilus is one of the best bikes for short person, If you love exercising for long periods, this bike is for you. This bike comes with a padded and molded seat that ensures that you remain comfortable regardless of how long you exercise. Also, this bike has transport wheels that are responsible for ensuring that it is stress-free to move the bike from one room to the other.

With Nautilus u614 upright bike, you will not have a hard time starting it. This is because this bike comes with high-speed and inertia drive operation that has a border weighted flywheel that ensures you have natural startups and steady, uniform exercises.

Another feature that you will enjoy once you get Nautilus’ bike is the Dual Track LCD screen console that has intent tracking functionality. The functionality allows you to place and trail your workout goals like exercising time,  calories burned as well as distance traveled.

The Good

  • Allows you to enjoy your music
  • The seat is comfortable
  • The bike lets you track your exercising goals
  • The LCD display is easy to read
  • The bike remains stable on the surface
  • It is easy to transport to another place
  • Permits simple seat exchange
  • The handlebars are angle adjustable
  • The bike is easy to start
  • Offers steady exercises
  • Easy assembly

The bad

  • I did not like the noise but it is all good.
Nautilus U614 Upright B
Nautilus U614 Upright B

Best Exercise Bike for Short Person That Has Sturdy Pedals 1 Best Exercise Bike for Short Person That Has Sturdy Pedals