Stamina cps 9300 review

Stamina cps 9300


Easy to use




300 LB weight capacity



  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Strong steel frame
  • Stay hydrated with the bottle holder


  • None

Stamina cps 9300 is the bike to buy if you are looking to train indoors when the weather is not favorable to you. Not only that, but this bike offers you well balanced and low impact exercises that will leave you feeling refreshed. With the increasing economy and the rise of prices of products, it is not easy to find a bicycle for exercising that is as good as this one from Stamina. The bike comes with a wide range of features including an LCD screen, adjustable handlebars, and seat. Before we go ahead, let us check the features.

Features of Stamina cps 9300

  •  An LCD screen: The display is easy to read and helps you to monitor distance, time, speed, as well as the calories you have burned during the workout.
  • Vinyl-dipped, adjustable handlebars: They are black in color and non-slip to make them comfortable for individuals of different heights. So, even if you are tall or short, the handlebars you will adjust the handlebars to fit your height.
  • Strong steel frame: The steel frame of this cycle has front wheels that are useful when it comes to portability. Together with the steel frame, the bike remains strong even the workouts are intense.
  • Flexible shoe clips: They help to offer you downward and upward resistance so your feet cannot slip out as you exercise
  • Inbuilt bottle holder: It is obvious that while training you will need to stay hydrated. The manufacturer of this bike had that in mind. You have a place to put your water bottle so you are not dehydrated as you exercise.
  • Flexible seat to match your height
Stamina CPS review
Stamina CPS review

Stamina cps 9300 is your indoor workout bike. Not only does it have exceptional features but it also ridicules the quality of real cycling. It is one of the best exercise indoor bikes that I can recommend to anyone who wishes to get one for exercising inside.
Stamina cps 9300 review 1 Stamina cps 9300 review

Adv & Disadv of Stamina cps 9300

Here is a summary of the benefits you get from the features that come with Stamina’s CPS 9300 exercise bike.


  • • The bike allows you to set it to scan and also track readouts
    • This indoor exercise cycle allows you to track calories torched, speed, and distance
    • The LCD display is easy to read
    • The seats are adjustable and cushioned making them comfortable
    • The wheels remain stable while you pedal thanks to the strong steel frame
    • The pedal bearings are smooth and quite
    • The handlebars can adjust to fit your height
    • The bike has a space for your water container
    • This bike is portable and therefore you can take it wherever you wish to go and exercise
    • It can support a user weight of up to 300 pounds


There is no product that is perfect and this indoor cycle has its disadvantages.

  • • One thing I did not like about this exercise cycle from Stamina is that the wheel bearings can a clicking sound.

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Parts of CPS 9300 by Stamina

Most of the time, you only realize that the parts of the bike you have bought are not easily available when you go to the shop to get a replacement. Well, we went ahead to search for the details on the parts so you do not get disappointed later on.

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Are the parts of the CPS 9300 indoor bike from Stamina easily available?
Yes, the spare parts are available but you have to talk to customer service based on where you got your indoor exercise bike from.

Where can you get Stamina’s cps 9300
After reading this review of cps 9300 workout bike from Stamina, I’m sure you are wondering where to get it. Well, you can find it at your nearest store or buy it online. Purchasing this bike through the best exercise bikes review will enable us to get a commission.

See it in action here:


Stamina’s indoor cycle is the cycle for you if you want one that is affordable. This bike is durable and offers you good performance similar to that of the road bike. You will not make a wrong choice by purchasing this cycle.