Proform 550r Rower Review

Buying Proform 550r Rower is a significant investment that can transform your health and body fitness. In this Proform 550r Rower Review, I will tell you the reason why should choose this machine over the others. Maybe you are an active member of the gym, but you rarely visit the place. You can now consider setting up a comfortable home or office gym. How does that sound to you? If yes, continue reading. 

You can get Proform 550r Rower at affordable prices today. If you are searching for an excellent body workout, then you should buy this machine. It’s a high body fitness for the beginner, and you will never regret it in the future. But if you need more expensive silent magnetic resistance, consider picking Nordic Track RW200. Below we have more details on Proform 550r rower review to share with you before purchasing. 

Proform 550r Rower Review

It could be that you don’t know the features of this machine and that’s why you are doubtful, below are the top features and their role in the exercise equipment.

Key features 

  • 103 lbs weight capacity 
  • Five years warranty 
  • LCD monitor 
  • Damper setting 
  • Footrest: with strap 
  • 47L x 25.8W x 22.6 H
  • Folding design 
  • Maximum user weight 
  • Ergonomic seat and handle 
  • The machine has a resistance type: Air with a damper system 

Why purchase this Proform 550r Rower?

If you are still having doubts on whether to purchase this bike or not, Proform 550r Rower Review is not over. I will give you some of the benefits of the feature that make Proform 550r Rower stand out from competitors.

Weight capacity 

It can support users at the maximum weight capacity of 250 lb. If you are a tall person, do not panic, with Proform 550r rower is the best deal for you. The comfort of a machine can allow you to extend up to 6.6 inches tall. It has no height limit. 

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Folding design 

Proform 550r Rower is simple to fold amongst the rowers. It should take you less than 30 seconds. The machine comes with 90 percent preassembled. The instructions given are clear to understand. 

If you stay in a small house, this machine is the best choice for you. It occupies less space and is easy to store. 


Before purchasing the product, it’s essential to look for durability. Therefore, the Proform 550r rower frame comes with 90 days of labor, a three-year warranty, and 30 days money-back guarantee. 

The labor party has a short period guarantee for the reasonable price range. The model number of the Proform 550r rower is PFRW3814. Your bike warranty is handled by Icon fitness. The value of the product also depends on the warranty. 


Proform 550r Rower comes with an LCD monitor that provides tracking, watts, time, calories, stroke per minute, and overall stroke. The data are shown in three workout windows; those are: lower, central, and upper. 

It is made of SCAN mode that is used to toggle through metric after every second. The monitor has automatic features with off and on that detect your daily activity. The presence of the watts assists you to visualize how much power is made per row. 

The motor created to calculate the calories weight or height of the average trainee. Although, if you need a heart rate monitor, it does not come with it. But we can recommend a polar heart monitor for your heart rate. To know how much calories burn? It is significant to calculate your weight, age, sex, and bpm. 

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Handle and footrest

It’s a vital feature you need to check before purchasing Proform 550r rower for workout comfortability. The cushioned handle of this bike assists you from; blistering, slippage, and discomfort. When touching, you need to feel the softness as you train. The footrest enhances the stability and safety of your workout. 

The manufacturer of rower bikes thinks of your relaxed so that you enjoy training regularly. The handle is soft to touch and secure grip, so you don’t get tired. 

Build quality

When purchasing the bike for your exercise, it’s significant to check the machine’s quality—a 550r rower made of the aluminium steel rail, which offers the durability of the rower. The quality 0f the seat and footrest are excellent. This bike can accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight. If you are not sure of the build quality check any Proform 550r Rower Review online.


I am sure you need enjoyment while training. The ergonomic seat designed to offer you the flexibility you deserve. The seat was made for allowing users like you to sit for a long time. It has padding that provides you with extra cushions, which are quite lovely. 

In case you don’t need the pressure of your back pain, then use Proform 550r rower—the rower seat design to give you comfort. You will never experience back pain with this bike again.  


Here you need to check the storage of your bike. Proform 550r rower comes with SpaceSaver design. Therefore, you can fold your rower by holding the handle, bent the bike, and then locks in place. You don’t have to struggle just simply like that, and you have your incorrect machine space. Storing a bike will take you a few seconds. With such a design, you can roll the machine anywhere once you fold the bike roll on the built-in caster wheels. The entire method is simple. It has a rower caster wheel, which makes the machine easier to move. You need to look for the space that could fit your machine correctly.


Proform 550r rower resistance comes with four types: hydraulic, magnetic, air, and water if you check out reviews, some of the users like how resistance gives them the feeling of the rowing in the air. 

If you are looking for Olympic athletic professional resistance, then air rowers could be the best option. To feel the resistance of this bike, you need to rower faster. 

You can apply the idea of rowing the boat or canoe on the handle when rowing through the water. Resistance mostly created on the flywheel spin. It has a fan blade that used to draw air producing the higher wind. 

The Proform 550r rower uses air resistance. If you need more resistance, you have to pull the handle faster. The speed of the rowing machine will be determined how fast you resist. Enjoy Proform 550r rower resistance when rowing faster. 

We also suggest a rower machine for older people for cooling and warming up. Resistance can help you to feel the row when you are training. Below we have a level of the resistance that makes it possible for the user to select. 

Damper setting 

Proform 550r rower comes with a new design of adjustment resistance. The setting is controlled with the flywheel housing that is above it. You can use a lever to control the amount of air pushed up and down. You can also adjust the machine manually by changing the settings. When you adjust the lever bottom allows air to get into making it lighter, same as a boat. It can cause a decrease in resistance. 

On the other side, adjusting the lever up ensures more air entering and makes it feel the more massive boat. It makes the machine increase in resistance. I hope you get the difference between those settings. 

Negative resistance 

However, some users were confused about the resistance of Proform 550r rower. Some of them feel like the resistance was weak and did not provide the workout they wanted. Although if you want to enjoy resistance, you must use rower faster. If you row slowly, then you could not feel the resistance of the machine. 

I believe that Proform 550r rower could work best for those who are starting or intermediate. If you are the one, then it could help you more in your exercise. The user also complained about the noise as a result of the air rower. But you can get caveat when considering the noise level of the Proform 550r rower. 

Therefore, the resistance could be better enough because you are getting resistance as you row harder. It’s smooth and perfect for your lighter users.  If you are looking to upgrade from another air rower resistance, then I suggest the Concept2 model.  The model could work correctly for you. 


  • The seat and handle of the machine are very comfortable. 
  • 30-days money back if the product has an issue 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Made of the durable and robust material 
  • Easy to assemble and store 
  • The attractive design of the bike 
  • Decent performance of the monitor


  • No heart rate monitor 
  • Resistance is not suitable for the advanced user 
  • No workout program


This best Proform 550r rower is clear proof that exercise does not need to be complicated or costly to you. You need to enjoy and feel comfortable while you workout daily. You need to take your daily 30 minutes of exercise, and you will be the best shape of your life. Some of the people fear to purchase their gym tools because of space. That is why we decided to write this Proform 550r Rower Review.

We recommend this machine to anyone looking to purchase as the best rower available today. It comes with air resistance that helps to rise magnitude as you increase rowing speed. If you are on a tight budget and want to start fitness exercise, then Proform 550r rower is a good fit for you.