Can you use an exercise bike when pregnant?

Can you use an exercise bike when pregnant? Yes, you can use an exercise bike when pregnant. It’s a good way for pregnant women to exercise indoors. This is because it’s a low-impact but effective cardio workout.

Riding an exercise bike when pregnant is regarded as safe for a majority of women.

Being pregnant is the most crucial period for any woman. Carrying another human inside you and feeling him grow is something that is exciting. But this does not mean pregnant women will be exempted from all kinds of activities. Most women often ask; can you use an exercise bike when pregnant?

You don’t have to skip all your activities because you are carrying another human but rather enjoy it to the fullest. However, it is important that you seek the opinion of your doctor before using an exercise bike.

If you experience discomfort when doing weight-bearing workouts, exercise bikes are a good option for you. This is according to Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Consulting’s Catherine Cram, M.S. an exercise physiologist.

If you are pregnant and a fan of exercise bikes, here is what you need to know. 

Cycling on an exercise bike is different from that of a road bike. This is because when on the road you’re exposed to many risks as compared to indoors. That is why a stationary bike is among the most recommended bike for exercising for pregnant women.

Can you use an exercise bike when pregnant? Which bike is good?

Yes, you can use an exercise bike when pregnant. The American Pregnancy Association states that a stationary bike is great for exercising when pregnant. According to APA, this type of bike supports your weight and therefore reducing the possibility of falling off the bike. This also means that not every part of the body will feel the stress caused by the workout.

If you’re planning to start exercising, here are some pregnancy shorts for you.

Another bike that is also great for exercising it is the recumbent bike.  The bike you use for exercising is the one that meets your pregnancy needs.

When picking a stationary bicycle for exercising when pregnant, consider buying a bike with a seat that is comfortable. It will help you to get all the benefits of the exercise. If you have back issues, you should use a recumbent cycle.

Consider getting a recumbent bicycle that has added back. The bike should also have a pedal in its rear as this will be easier for you. It will help avoid making your back pain worse.

Another thing that you should not forget when purchasing bike to use when pregnant, is the heart rate monitor. Get a bicycle that has a heart rate monitor as it will help you Also, look for the one with a heart rate monitor as it can assist you to measure the pulse while you are cycling. You may as well use yours, if you have one, during exercise.

Is it safe to use an exercise bike when pregnant?

The answer to this question is yes. Exercise bicycles are safe to use by pregnant women. Having an everyday workout session on your stationary bicycle will not expose the inborn to any risks. However, you need to follow your doctor’s guidelines.

Expert tips for a safe bike workout when pregnant

Can you use an exercise bike when pregnant? Up to this point, I believe you know that answer to our question. Well, yes you can! But before you even get on that bike, here are some expert tips that will help you have a safe ride when pregnant. If you follow them well you will never ask this question again; can you use an exercise bike when pregnant? Continue reading!

Talk to your doctor

If you love bikes, it is not going to be easy staying away from your bike. In case you want to continue exercising on your bike, getting the opinion of your doctor. Informing the doctor about your love for workout on exercise bikes and how you wish to continue with it through your pregnancy is very crucial.  It will help your doctor to examine you and advise accordingly.

If you have any medical condition that might not go well with this type of exercise, your doctor will let you know. In case the doctor says you can use your workout bike during this period, you don’t have to worry because it is just nine months.

Get an instructor

The worst thing you can do when pregnant is to exercise alone without an instructor. After you have gotten the recommendation from a doctor, it is time to get an instructor who will guide you through. A good option is to attend indoor cycling classes with the help of an instructor. This is the right person to assist you feel ease and relaxed on your bike so you can test it alone. Ensure your instructor is aware about your condition so that he can monitor you closely. This will help him to avoid pushing you to the level of overexertion.

As stated by Catherine Cram, M.S., exercise physiologist, and owner of Prenatal and Postpartum, an expectant woman should avoid pushing extremely hard gears. Cram continues to state that cranking extremely hard equipment is very heavy on your joints.

Pay attention to body signals

Whether you are pregnant or not, it is important that you pay attention to the body signals. If you feel dizzy, winded or feel unwell while cycling, consider taking a break. You may as well slow down to see if you will feel okay. In case you realize that having a session of forty-five minutes of one hour is a lot for you,  you are free to end the session. All you need is to tell your instructor that you are fine.

When it comes to pregnancy, the energy tends to have ups and downs, together with different warning signs, it is good to listen to the body and look after it as needed.

Stay hydrated and cool

Overheating is a high risk for your fetus especially in the initial trimester. This is because it may trigger dehydration all through your pregnancy which may result in pre-timely labor. I’m sure you do not want this, right? That is why you need drink more water so you can be hydrated and avoid overheating. If possible drink above your usual amount. Make sure your bike has an inbuilt water bottle holder so you will have your water nearby and drink whenever you need to.

Another thing you should do is to put on breathable and comfortable clothing as it will help you to stay cool while exercising. Ensure you put on a supportive bra so it can help to shield the swollen breasts.

Get maternity clothes for cycling

In your condition, not all cloths will fit you. Others will make you uncomfortable and this is not good for the baby. This makes other expectant moms to ask, can you use an exercise bike when pregnant? Our answer is yes! If you where the right outfit and take the factors we have mentioned here into consideration, you will have no issues.

Consider purchasing maternity garments that will assist you to when pregnant. Many brands make riding clothes for expectant moms. The clothes include shorts, jerseys, bibs, and many more. You will be comfortable exercising on your bike in these clothes than your usual ones.

Adjust the bike set-up

This is the reason we said that it is crucial you buy a bike that you can adjust the settings to meet your needs. One of the common mistakes you can make as a pregnant woman when exercising with your bike is failing to adjust it. Before you start using that bike, you should learn the basics and how to adjust the position of the seat to match your body needs.

Your weight is on the pelvis and this means you should not sit too far forward as it would be uncomfortable. Ensure that your weight is distributed evenly between the body and hands. Avoid getting tipped uncomfortably backward or frontward while cycling.


While pregnant women can still exercise when pregnant, it is important to take precaution measures. Can you exercise when pregnant? So the answer to our question is that first, seek medical attention so you know what if it is safe for you.