Best Stationary Bike Workout

Overlooked Training Tool

Training is quickly becoming part of everyday life for most people who are enthusiastic about living a balanced and productive, healthy life. Different persons have different goals in their workouts. Incorporation of strict diets is common and in most cases helps individuals achieve their personal gym goals. Home gyms and training equipment are quickly becoming a common item for most houses. Stationary bikes are among the most commonly used home training tools.

Though effective in helping achieve different weight goals, stationary bikes are most often overlooked. It could be perhaps because they are not as strenuous to muscles as most people would imagine gym equipment should be. Whatever the reasons might be, overlooking stationery bikes as training tools are quite erroneous.

If you are considering buying stationery tools and are not sure how to make the best use of them in achieving your goals, these two well-explained stationery bike workouts will guide you.

The Hour Challenge

If you are looking to improve your endurance, which is important for all sports types, this challenge is what you need. Start by identifying your maximum heart rate and once you know it, build up a 20-minute ride, with 80% of the total time functioning at your maximum heart rate. For the first session, your distance won’t be much, and that’s fine. For subsequent sessions, try outdoing your set distances as you try to build your intensity. Gradually as your body continues to get used to the routine, you can increase the time to up to 40 minutes. The importance of this is that your lactate threshold is boosted, and this translates the ability of your body to use the acid it produces as its fuel. The outcome is that you will find you can go harder for longer which is what normally is referred to as endurance.

Once you attain the 40 minutes mark, you can test yourself with a full hour or even more. What’s important is to ensure that you do not go out with all your guns blazing. You can try a negative split where the goal would be to complete the second half of your routine, faster than you did your first.

Bike Tabata

If you intend to lose weight or reduce your body fat percentage, bike Tabata is the best stationery bike workout for you. Start with a warm-up, mostly a ten-minute one. After you are through with your warm up, do flat-out pedaling for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds then repeating this eight times or more depending on how quickly your body will be fatigued. For starters, you can go for 4 minutes sessions and increase the time. You can download Tabata-Timer, an app that will help you keep a good track of your rest and work periods. What this routine does is that it pushes your metabolism into overdrive which is essential in burning fats and consequently losing weight.


Stationery bikes are essential training tools in keeping consistent training schedules. They cover up for those foggy mornings that you would have easily lost motivation and help you set ablaze lots of calories that would otherwise harm your body.

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